Great Initiative for Pensioners by MoD : Get Benefits Using This

Great Initiative for Pensioners by MoD : Get Benefits Using This

Problems faced by our veterans and family pensioners related to pension and other after retirement mater is a great concern. In order keep motivation of our soldiers, the after retirement take care matters. so, Govt of India, MOD has taken a special initiative named INGRAMS as details in the letter reproduced below :-

CS Secretariat
Naval Headquarters
Ministry of Defence
241/C Wing, Sena Bhawan
New Delhi 110011

PP-01/2024/PB/DX/INGRAMS                                                              16 Feb 2024

The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for COS
Headquarters. Western Naval Command Mumbai 400001
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for COS)
Headquarters; Andaman & Nicobar Command Port Blair 744102
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for COS)
Headquarters, Eastern Naval Command Visakhapatnam 530014
The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (for COS)
Headquarters, Southern Naval Command <ochi 682004


  1. In pursuance of ‘Steadfast in Support’ pillar of the ‘SHIPS FIRST policy. a need was felt to overhaul the Grievance Redressal Mechanism for serving personnel, veterans, widows and NoK. Towards this, an internet-based online application named Indian Naval Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System (INGRAMS) has been developed and launched on 01 Dec 23. The application is hosted on the Internet ( and aims to facilitate registration, recording, tracking and monitoring of grievances raised by all serving personnel, veterans, widows and NoK

Aim of the project

  • The aim of this policy letter is to establish the broad guidelines for implementation of INGRAMS. Presently, this platform is limited to addressing grievances of veterans. widows and NoK only.

Extant System of Grievance Redressal in the IN

  • Medium of Receipt. Presently, the grievances from veterans are received
    through different and diverse sources which range from in-person visits, through nominated representatiVes, telephone calls and by post, digital platforms including email and WhatsApp messages/ calls.
  • Stakeholders.  The IN has been addressing grievances/ issues raised by
    veterans, widows and NoK through involvement of both internal and external stakeholders. The stakeholders in the IN include various Directorates at NHQ that deal with specific issues and Command HQs for issues pertaining to their respective AsOR. The external stakeholders include MoD! Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (MoD! DESW), PCDA(N). PCDA(P), Central Organisation, ECHS, Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB). Dte of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) and Dte of Air Veterans (DAV).
  • A pictorial representation of various stakeholders involved in redressal of grievances is depicted below: –

7. Category of Grievances. A six-monthly analysis (May – Oct 23) undertaken has indicated that the majority of grievances pertain to the following broad categories: –

Challenges Involved in Present Grievance Redressal Mechanism

8.  The existing process is quite complex due to involvement of a large number of stakeholders, the diverse category of grievances and their receipt through different mediums. In the past, there have been instances wherein a single grievance has been sent to multiple stakeholders for redressal at the same time or at a later date. Investment of man-hours by different stakeholders on the same grievance leads to duplication and lack of clarity on the action addressee. The present procedure also does not include tracking of grievance by the concerned individual, providing real time updates regarding status of resolution, centralised monitoring by a single agency or an escalation mechanism.

Utilisation of INGRAMS

9,       INGRAMS is a web-based application that will, in the present form, enable all veterans, widows and NoK to raise their grievance to IN authorities. The application enables registration and submission of grievances to a central authority, assignment to the concerned section, status check/ real-time update on the progress through automated SMS and E-mails; and a mechanism for escalation to a higher authority based on a pre-defined time frame, or if the user is not satisfied with the progress; and its closure on resolution of the case,

10.        Records. A large number of grievances raised are related to change/ updation of personal/ dependent/ NoK records. As promulgated vide NHQ Letter NN0506/267 dated 31 Jan 24, the Record Office is NAVPEN for officers retired/ released from service between 01 Jan 19 to 31 Dec 22 and DOP for balance retired/ released officers. The Record Office for retired sailors is NAVPEN. By mid 2024, NAVPEN is envisaged to function as Record Office in respect of all retired/ released officers and sailors.

11. Accessibility. The INGRAMS application can be accessed through link hosted on Internet ( The personnel accessing the application for the first time will be required to register through SMS based ‘Two factor authentication’ on the mobile number registered in the official records of DOP/ NAVPEN. In case of any difficulty in registration, indicated helpline numbers may be contacted for resolution of the issue.

12. Features on INGRAMS Webpage. Once updated, the INGRAMS webpage would display the following at the Top Bar Menu: –

(a)           About us.
Unclassified policy letters pertaining to ESIV1, widows and NoK.
Unclassified e-Newsletters.
Photo Gallery
External Links.
Contact us.

13.    Main Stakeholders Depending on the nature of the grievance, the responsibility would be bi-furcated and addressed through two primary stakeholders viz, NAVPEN and DESA. These two stakeholders would be responsible for liaison and coordination with the Concerned agencies to resolve the issue, All issues pertaining to release, pension and change in records would be steered by NAVPEN. DESAwould be responsible for steering issues concerning ECHS, ID Card. canteen, welfare, discipline and vigilance, honours and awards etc. The details of medium of receipt, categories of grievances, sub-stakeholders and escalation matrix is depicted below: –

Grievance Responsibility – Escalation Matrix

  1. Receipt of Grievance. Once registered in INGRAMS, the grievance will be allocated by the system to NAVPEN or DESA depending on the category/ type of grievance along with a unique ID. The grievance may also be received at the call centre/ toll-free number established at NAVPEN or the toll-free number at DESA (1800113999).
  2. GrieTracking. INGRAMS provides a mechanism for acknowledgement of the grievance, through delivery of SMS at the time of registration and on final resolution of grievance. In addition, the system also allows recording and monitoring of grievance till its logical conclusion. The graphical workflow of INGRAMS is placed at Appendix



16. DESA, The Directorate will be responsible for receipt and redressal of grievances from veterans, widows and NoK related to ECHS, discipline and vigilance, retired officers’ ID card, honours and awards, canteen, welfare and issues pertaining to its own Directorate. The under-mentioned Directorates will form part of the redressal chain coordinated by DESA:

  • DPS
  • DNPF
  • ECHS-Navy
  • DNL

 17.      NAVPEN. NAVPEN would be responsible for receipt and redressal of grievances from veterans, widows and NoK related to release issues, pay and pension, change in records etc. Accordingly, the under-mentioned units/ Directorates will form part of the redressal chain co-ordinated by NAVPEN: –

  • NPO
  • CABS
  • DOP
  • DPA

18.   Escalation Matrix. The grievances not redressed in time will follow the ‘Auto Escalation’ matrix, as depicted. The light green columns and light blue columns represent the auto escalation matrix for grievances related to NAVPEN and DESA respectively. The Escalation Matrix along with time datum and its auto escalation in case of delay in resolution of grievance is tabulated below: –

* The time datum would be the time of receipt of grievance in the ORS


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