Good News on OROP – Movement turned Success

On One Rank One Pension, we are now getting the auspicious signs for which we were waiting. Today, whether it is electronic media or print media, everything reaches our door itself. Here I am remembering a few lines of someone, what has been said well, “time will also change, circumstances will also change, time will also change, circumstances will also change, keep trying.”

Keep trying, the views of the naysayers will also change. You must have heard in what manner it was being said that what kind of country’s soldiers were being defamed and insulted, what words were being used. You all have heard it and you all have seen how it became a matter of attraction in the country, I want to share some glimpses of it with you.

वन रैंक वन पेंशन पर मिलने लगे शुभ संकेत – National Media Reached
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So friends, see how electronic media came to your door –

“Ex-servicemen on hunger strike regarding OROP pension part 2 being made in Mandi.”

“Hundreds of ex-servicemen are going to stage a huge patriotic protest on July 23 at the district headquarters.”

“Ex-servicemen sitting on one day hunger strike at Collectorate office in Ambala regarding flaws in One Rank One Pension.”

Demonstration on Demands – till date.

Thousands of former soldiers likely to join the hunger strike. These hunger strikes are being organized at every Mandal and every Panchayat level as well. President of Ex-Servicemen Joint Front Capt. Hit Ram Sharma while giving this information said that lakhs of ex-servicemen and Veer Narees in the state who not getting their entitled pension according to the terms of the OROP. Actual OROP has not been implemented, due to this, other ranks and widows are still getting less pension, but now instead of increase in pension, in OROP 2 , it has decreased, despite representations given many times, till now the central government has ignored the Demands of Exservicemen on right to equality and implementation of proper OROP.

Now on the 23rd of July, huge protest will be held across the country at every city/District HQ by Retired soldiers regarding their demand. Once again the voices of the soldiers will be raised – one day hunger strike is fixed outside the government offices. Such reports are being seen in many media.

Our demand 100% legitimate. Arrangements have to been made as to how our demand should be brought to the notice of the government. Everyone should participate in this movement, this will be our request to all of you.

And in what way the print media has given coverage of all your news everywhere one after the other, you have seen it on social media. It is only thing that in this way the media themselves have come to your door and a number of media coverages are sen here at each place. And they’ve got you coverage. I just request you that with unity, with decency, with civilization, with your honor and dignity for which you are known – unite with discipline and move forward together leaving the homes, join the movement – fight for rights.

Those who have not yet come out are requested to come out as well. When you will see that in the districts, where and how many people are agitating with peaceful and disciplined way for the legitimte rights of soldiers – then probably the humanity inside you must be saying to you that what are you doing? Why are you not going out? And if this is also not a voice from inside you, then I have no words to say anything to you.

Those who have not been able to unite till now and those who are wandering even after being expelled, I request everyone that brother, for that you are known – for discipline, for unity, be united in this way and keep watching, raise your voice for your rights and that voice will take you to your destination. Must remember there should be a target of 24 i.e. before 2024 you have to reach your destination. There is only one way which has been said time and again and you are walking on this path and the results are also coming in front of you.

Long live soldier’s unity, Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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