A Huge Disparity in OROP between Officers and    Jawans of Armed Forces - Said Veteran JCOs OR

ESM Coordination Committee demonstrtation held at  Jantar Mantar  on 20 Feb 2023

lakhs of Veteran JCOs  OR present in the Agitation... expressed that they are deprived of the benefit of the OROP in real meaning

a large number of defence pensioners have already received First installment of OROP Arrers but not happy with it

Pension of the Retired Officers has been increased with a notable amount which is more than 4 times of Salary of a NCO/JCO

Such discrepancy  made the retired JCOs/OR aggrieved and they have planned to fight their own battle to bring parity in the post retirement benefits

Welfare  of JCOs  OR is always neglected by Govt  --- Says  Veterans

Such an expression witnessed in the agitation held at Jantar Mantar by the JCOs/OR against improper implementation of OROP-2 recently

Next Demonstration  of JCOs OR will be held on 12 March at Jantar Mantar  in Delhi  

Veterans have already filed case in the Court for Equal MSP and Equal rights in CSD, ECHS etc