ECHS Card Renewal Process : Annual Validation of Dependents by Submission of  Income Certificate.

ECHS Card Renewal Process : Annual Validation of Dependents by Submission of  Income Certificate.

According to the new policy of ECHS, every year life certificate required to be submitted for all card holders. Life certificate for Self and spouse are not necessary. For dependents – parrents and son/daughter above 18 years of age required to upload income proof – Forms 26 AS or income certificate for Reb Dept as the case may be.

With implementation of new policy, primary beneficiaries are now required to upload Form 26AS or Income Certificate from Revenue Department on ECHS portal annually. If the primary beneficiaries fail to do so, prior to due date, the card of the dependents above 18 years of age (except self and spouse) gets blocked. If the primary beneficiary again fails to do so, then permissions would be required from Central Organisation (CO), ECHS.

To know the renewal / annual validation of ECHS card you may follow the article link given below :-

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How to validate your Blocked ECHS Card

The competent authority has approved following actions to facilitate such beneficiaries to get their cards unblocked: –

(a)    Primary beneficiary applies through email/ hand over application to Oi/C Polyclinic to process unblocking the card of affected dependent along with requisite documents.

(b)    Oi/C Polyclinic scrutinises the application, and forwards to Dir, Regional Centre (RC) with recommendation.

(c)    Dir, RC can extend the eligibility by three months from date on which Dir, RC approves the extension, subject to eligibility criteria are being met.

(d) Once Cards are unblocked by the Dir, RC, then the Primary Beneficiary is requested to upload the required documents online within three months. After the documents are uploaded, they will be visible to Oi/C Polyclinic for verification and once verified, the card will be valid for one year.

(Auth. CO, ECHS Letter B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dated 13 Jul 23)
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