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100% cashless treatment in ECHS Empanelled Hospital : No advance Payment

The Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) is a healthcare program for retired armed forces personnel and their dependents in India. ECHS empanels hospitals, both government and private, to provide medical services to its beneficiaries. Many of these empanelled hospitals offer cashless treatment facilities.

Here’s how cashless treatment typically works in ECHS empanelled hospitals:

Selection of Hospital:    ECHS beneficiaries can choose a hospital from the list of empanelled hospitals. It’s essential to select a hospital that is empanelled and recognized by ECHS to avail of cashless treatment.

ECHS Card:    The beneficiary should carry their ECHS card along with them when seeking medical treatment. The card is essential for identification and billing purposes.

Hospital Admission:      If hospitalization is required, the beneficiary should inform the hospital staff about their ECHS status and present the ECHS card during admission.

Verification and Authorization:     The hospital staff will verify the beneficiary’s ECHS card and treatment eligibility with the ECHS authorities. Once verified, they will seek authorization for cashless treatment from ECHS.

Treatment:     Once authorization is granted, the beneficiary can receive the necessary medical treatment. The hospital will bill ECHS directly for the approved treatment, and the beneficiary typically does not need to make any payment at the time of treatment.

Claim Settlement:     ECHS will settle the bills directly with the hospital based on the authorized treatment. Beneficiaries should not have to pay out of their pocket if the treatment is within the approved limits.

It’s important to note that there may be certain conditions and limits on the treatment covered under ECHS, and pre-authorization may be required for specific procedures or treatments. Additionally, beneficiaries should be aware of any co-payments or deductions that may apply based on the ECHS policies and the specific hospital’s agreement with ECHS.

Beneficiaries should always confirm the cashless treatment process with the empanelled hospital and contact their local ECHS authorities for any specific queries or clarifications regarding their entitlements and coverage. ECHS policies and procedures may evolve over time, so it’s essential to stay informed about the latest guidelines and updates.

To ensure 100% cashless treatment facility in empanelled Hospitals, CO ECHS has issued this order whcih may be treated as authority to avail the service.

Te. 25683476                                                  Central Organisation ECHS
Mil 36833                                                       Adjutant General’s Branch                                                            Integra. Headquarters MoD(Army)                                                                      Thimayya Marg. Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt-110010

B/49770/AGoECHS;TreatePolicy/ 2022  ‘                      21  Jul 2023


1.         It is observed with concern that many Emp hospitals are not providing cashless treatment to genuine ECHS beneficiaries on the pretext of flimsy reasons. Some of them are resorting to advance payments as well. This is viewed seriously by higher authorities and against the spirit of cashless provisions under MOA,

2.         It is intimated that there is no provision of advance payment as per MOA and hence all Emp hospitals are .uired to adhered to laid down guidelines and not cause unnecessary harassment to ECHS beneficiary.

3.         It is requested that any complaints against Empanelled services be viewed very senously by PCs & RCs and suitable actions taken to discourage repetition of such issues.

4.         .All Regional Centres are requested to disseminate the same to all Polyclinics and Empanelled Hospitals under their A0F2 for strict compliance.

                                                                     (Sri Kant Kumar)
Col ,
Jt Dir (Med)     


Claim Sec for info and necessary action please.
Slats 8 Automation S.    –    for uploading the letter on ECHS website

ECHS Card Renewal Process : Annual Validation of Dependents by Submission of  Income Certificate.
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