8th Pay Commission with permanent machinery Suggested : increase Pay and pension like DA

8th Pay Commission with permanent machinery Suggested : increase Pay and pension like DA

Big update on 8th Pay Commission is here. Seven vital suggestions were given to Finance Minister, which is being discussed in this article.

And this will only make the pensioners and employees happy. Yes friends, everyone is waiting for the announcement of 8th Pay Commission by the government. What has the government said about it? Now what is the new struggle for it? Finally, what are the suggestions given? A letter has been written to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Who has sent the letter and what suggestions have been given? I will talk about that suggestion. In the letter said that there is no need to wait for a long period. First, it is necessary to give enough time to decide the pay and allowances to be revised.

8th Pay Commission is due to be organized now  to increase the availability of Govt Machinery and  Recommendations given by CPC.

During 6th and 7th CPC it was said that how to decide this further. How will the employees and pensioners be happy. Keeping in mind the current situation, it should be done.

So before going to these suggestions. I want to tell you that Indian Railway Technical Supervisor Association. IRTSA has given some suggestions to Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

By giving a reference to the previous Pay Commission i.e  3rd , 4th and 5th Pay Commission. For the time being, the employees of the Central Govt  It has been proposed to organize stationary machinery, Means a commission. That will stay in the process in a continuous manner.

That there is a great rate of discussion about the 8th Pay Commission. The Railway Technical Supervisor Association has given some suggestions to the Central Minister Nirmala Sheetaraman on the basis of the recommendations of the Pre-Tenure Committee.

They have requested that there is no need to wait for 10 years. Why are you dragging this for 10 years?   But the government has its own way which no one understands.

As it is rightly said that when the CPC was made on the 7th CPC  pay fixed with a multiplication factor of 2.57. We know whether our payment increased or decreased. That is, retirees of 2014-15 are taking more pensions than those of 2016-17.

So there is no need for such a pay commission. If there was no such a pay commission, people would have been benefiting even if they had calculated the previous manner. So this kind of permanent machinery should be there.

It is not that you worked in haste in the blink of an eye and made a fuss about it, propagated it and got nothing. The second point is that there is no need to wait for a long period. That is, the organization has said that you do not have to wait for 10 years.

They have mentioned  the shape of the Indian economy, the growth of face-to-face household production, the number of various labor unions, the role of government departments, the currency exchange pattern, the lack of service in the actual payment of the currency exchange card, etc.

In addition they have mentioned the issue related to the number of government employees in the minimum wage in each department, the number of employees covered under the National Pension Scheme, the lack of mention in poverty, the change in the pattern of employment of employees and the general public. You can draw this conclusion by looking at these points.

And they have said that there is no need for haste. According to the IRTSA, the Pension Scheme needs sufficient time to study the principles related to wages, job opportunities, opportunities for promotion, and positions. They have said that there is no time now.

If you want to do the 8th Pension Scheme, then do it quickly. In such a case, the government requests that the 8th Pension Scheme be established immediately, so that it can be used to remove all existing inconveniences and improve future inconveniences. The third CPC has recommended the creation of permanent positions on the Pension and Cadre Scheme.

They have said that if you are in a hurry without analyzing the relevant data, then you should implement it now. The fourth CPC has recommended the creation of permanent positions on the Pension and Cadre Scheme. It has been said that if we can dare to do this, then the work of the Pension Scheme will be easy.

It also takes time. In addition, the Pay commission  comes after every 10 years. In the meantime, there are many changes related to the Pension and Cadre Scheme, which they are unable to study.

That is why they have given importance to the permanent machinery. They have given importance to many things. The fifth CPC has recommended that you should implement it on time.

The 6th Pension Scheme was recommended on 1st January 2006. They have said that there should not be a long wait of 10 years. They have recommended the Pension Matrix Permanent Scheme. It can be changed anytime. Because many things need to be changed with time. You shouldn’t wait for 10 years.

Finally it is a great suggestion. It has been said that there should be a permanent machinery. Just like the DA increases, the government can increase your payment in every 5-10 years. This has been said before. But this time, the government is quiet. They are not saying anything.

They don’t know what the government is thinking  if the government is trying to organize the 8th Pension Scheme in time or not.  However, as the all Govt employees and pensioners are expecting  an immediate formation of 8th CPC, Govt should think about it.


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