When DA will reach 50% which other payments will be increased

When DA will reach 50% which other payments will be increased

DA for employees and similar rate of DR for pensioners are important part of our earning to keep running our livelyhood. At present, our DA has increased to 42% from January 2023 and is going to increase to about 46% from July. But all the government employees are waiting … when our DA will increase to 50%?

If you are also waiting for this, then know why all the employees are waiting for this.

Because whenever our DA will increase to 50%, then many types of allowances received by all the employees will also be flooded.

By when our DA is expected to increase to 50% and when DA becomes 50%, then we know which elements are going to increase by how much. After our DA is 50%, which elements will increase by what percentage:

As soon as DA increases to 50%, all these elements will increase. of which a few are described here.

(1) Children Education Allowance (CEA)
(2) Special Allowance for Child Care
(3) Retirement Gratuity
(4) Composite Transfer Grant
(5) Cash handling allowance
(6) HRA (House Rent Allowance)
There is another allowance like this.

One by one we will all see how much all the allowances are going to increase.

HRA (House Rent Allowance): This allowance is such that it is available to all employees. Those employees who do not take government accommodation, they will get house rent allowance. When the seventh pay commission was implemented, we were told that in class A city we will get 24% HRA (of our basic pay). If you are working in A class city then you will get 24% HRA. If you are working in B class city then you will get 16% and if you are working in C class city then you will get 8%. This is the rate when the seventh pay commission was implemented. At that time, one more thing was told in it that in any case your HRA should not be less than Rs.5400 (A), 3600 (B) and 1800 (C).

Your HRA will not be less than a certain amount in certail city. For Class A City, imimum range is not less than 5400 per month . It is to be kept in mind that in C;lass A City, in any case the HRA of any employee will not be below Rs 5400 and Rs 3600 in B class city and in C class city it must not be Rs 1800 . HRA rates 24%, 16% and 8% (depending on the city) when the seventh pay commission was implemented, Thereafter when our DA increased to 25%, the HRA automatically increased to 27% in A class city. 18% in City B and 9% in C City. This provision was made by Seventh Pay Commission in its report itself that as soon as DA becomes 25% then HRA will increase and when DA becomes our 50% then our HRA will be 30% in A city, 20% in B city and 10% in C City. So, the first benefit of DA being 50% that we will get is HRA. Our HRA will increase in this way. Hopefully , from 1st Jan 2024, Dearness allowance of central government employees will be 50% and accordingly HRA will also be increased.

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