Your ECHS Card may be Blocked soon if not Upload  this Document

Yes, you must follow the instructions of ECHS Central Organisation and act accordingly to keep your ECHS Card Live and updated.  The Online window for uploading the documents has already been started and will remain open upto validation exist in your card. If you failed to upload documents and renew online your ECHS Cards, these may be blocked. Once it is blocked it will not be easy to re-open. So you must take care of online renewal of ECHS Card. How to renew, where to renew, which documents are required, everything will be explained in this article.

You Should Follow this

You need not to submit any document neither need to renew ECHS card for your wife and children below the age of 18 years. Submit Form 26 AS only in respect of your parents and children of above 18 years of age. Form 26 AS is available in the official website of Income Tax e filing. So, PAN Card is mandatory for all.

Process of online Renewal of ECHS Card and Document uploading

The Primary beneficiary will submit online declaration for all dependents which will be auto populated. A declaration as per prescribed format will be submitted by clicking the check box Agree.

Process of Online Submission of Documents (Annual Validation) on ECHS Portal

Step 1 :  Click on the ECHS login link given below.

Step 2 :  If you have already registered, put the User ID (Mobile Number) and Password. If not registered, fill up the details and signed up.

Step 3 : You will notice the present status of Card. If update button is there, you need to click on the button and upload scanned copy of the following documents:

       (a)  26 AS of last 2 years downloaded from Income Tax Website.

(b)  Check the declaration box

Now it is done. The process is very simple and you can do at your own. You don’t need to visit any where to complete this process. However, if you are not comfortable using computer, you may visit any cyber café to complete the process.

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