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Confirm Now Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not

According to SPARSH , you may submit your life certificate anytime in the year and it will be valid for one year. So, those who have already submitted the Life certificate by any means but that must be reached the SPARSH portal by electronic means.

So, we all need to confirm whether our Life Certificate has been received by the SPARSH or not. PCDA has warned that, in case of non submission of the life certificate/completion of identification process in the SPARSH portal, pension may be paused. So, those who were due for identification / life certificate process in any month of the year, must follow the instructions and submit their life certificate to the SPARSH definitely, either pension may be paused.

So, the first action we need to do is to login to SPARSH profile. All the Defence pensioners including DSC and civilian personnel all have been migrated except a very few only who also will be migrated by the end of 2023. Soon after migration you have been provided with a user ID and password which is also called credential and that to be used to login to your SPARSH profile.

Once you have logged in, you will find a tab mentioning “life certificate/ identification”. Now just click on the tab and you will find your life certificate details. If it is showing that your life certificate has been submitted and due after one year i.e in 2024 November or earlier/later, you need not to take any action. If your life certificate is due in 2023 (November) or earlier, you should be confirm that your life certificate submission process was wrong. I have personally checked some of my friends SPARSH profile and it was found that their life certificate has not been reflected in the SPARSH portal but they have submitted their ;life certificate in Bank and a receipt also generated through Jeevan Praman Portal.


I can suggest you to check the article below and confirm your life certificate submitted or not and take action – i,.e resubmit it using your SPARSH profile or using Jeevan Praman / Bank. The banks mainly do mistake that they erroniously selects sanctioning and disbursing authority as PCDA- But it should be SPARSH PCDA Allahabad for all types of Armed Forces Pensioners. So just rectify it and resubmit accordingly.

How to Check Your Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not

So, once you have confirmed that your life certificate has been accepted by SPARSH, you need not to be worried. Else, you should take action and submit your life certificate as per instructions issued by PCDA SPARSH. You need not to be worried, your pension will not be stopped if you submit life certificate properly.

Banks Must Ensure Linking Defence Pensioner’s Life Certificate With SPARSH
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