Important Benefit Scheme Applicable to all Defence Pensioners

Welfare of soldiers and veterans & their families is at top most priority of Ministry of Defence. They have launched several welfare schemes for veterans, veer naris and widows on its site . In addition, Kendriya Sainik Board has also introduced sevveral welfare schemes for veterans of Indian Armed Forces.

To know more about the welfare schemes by Indian Army, you may visit the official website link as given below :

Some highlights of Welfare schemes for Exservicemen are here :

Pension for Ex-servicemen and widows:

Family pension has been enhanced for dependents /NOK of all ranks.
Mentally/physically challenged children will get family pension for life.
Family pension is eligible to the next family member if NOK of the pensioner is reported missing. Unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters above 25 years of age can also receive family pension. You could get details of pension related issues at the official side of PCDA Allahabad at

If any query pertaining to pension issues you could visit the call center established by PCDA and get answers to your queries on-line

Other Welfare Organisations are :
Veteran’s Cell:

Veteran’s Cell has been established as a single point contact for addressing the grievances of ex-servicemen. In addition a Veteran’s Grievance Handling Portal has been launched for registration and processing of complaints on- line.

Army Welfare Housing Organisation:

Greater impetus is being provided for the construction of Dwelling Units for PBOR. You can read all about AWHO policies and projects at ‘AWHO’

Battle and Physical Casualties (Disabled):

One time grant from Army Central Welfare Fund of Rs 100000/ is provided to those who are medically boarded out without completing their terms of engagement.
One time grant of Rs 20,000/ to Rs 60,000/ is provided to disabled soldiers who are retained in service.
Daughter/ Orphan son’s marriage – Rs 100000/
Mobility equipment – Upto a max of Rs 70,000/
Wheel Chairs – Upto Rs 50,000/ (renewable every seven years)
Modification of Bathroom – Up to Rs 20,000/
Self-employment / Agro based venture – Rs 100000/

  • Army Group Insurance Fund:
    The amount to be received on demise (while in service) has been raised to Rs 50 Lakhs for officers and Rs 25 Lakhs for PBOR.
  • The Extended Insurance Scheme for ex-servicemen has now been increased to Rs 10 Lakhs in case of Officers and Rs 5 lakhs in case of PBOR wef 01 Jan 14. However members who joined prior to this date will continue to receive Rs 6 lakhs and 3 Lakhs respectively.
  • You could search ‘AGIF’ for all information pertaining to AGIF offerings.
  • The AGIF Scholarship Scheme also offers a scholarship of Rs 40,000/ per student per annum for selected students in AWES run professional institutes.
  • You could search ‘Scholarship’ for detailed information of the scholarship and how to apply for them.
  • Welfare Fund Schemes for Battle and Physical Casualties:

One Time Grant to NOK from Army Central Welfare Fund of Rs 30,000/ for Battle casualties and Rs 200000/ for physical casualties.
Educational Scholarships for professional courses – Upto Rs 50,000/
Educational Scholarships for a maximum of two children from Class I to Class XII ; Rs 1000 per month paid annually.
Daughter’s / Orphan sons’ marriage – Rs 100000/
Self-employment/ Agro-based venture – Rs 100000/
Higher education of widow – Rs 50,000/
Computer grant (Graduation and above) – Rs 20,000/

  • Educational Schemes:
  • All children of Officers, JCOs of OR missing/killed or disabled in action are entitled to full reimbursement of Tuition Fee including bus fare and hostel charges in addition to a fixed amount for stationary and uniform.
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarship of Rs 2000/ per month for boys and Rs 2250 / for girls (paid annually) are available for children. Persons can apply for them at the Zila Sainik Welfare Office.

To know the welfare schemes by Kendriya Sainik Board kindly click the link below :


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