OROP Arrears not received  by most of the  Defence Pensioners till date

OROP Arrears not received by all Defence Pensioners till date

Many Defence Pensioners Received OROP Arrears in mid of Feb. PCDA issued Corr PPO

Dont Worry, you will also receive the OROP Arrears as per New Pension Table 2023

a large number of defence pensioners have already received First installment of OROP Arrers on 18 Feb 2023

Pre – Jul 2014 pensioners only will get arrears of OROP-II and enhanced pension due to OROP -II by end of Feb 2023

Arrears likely to be paid by end of Feb 2023 to  the pensioners. PCDA will  complete the revision  of pension by end of February

IESM has filed a case (MA) in the Appex Court recently demanding payment of entire arrears of OROP at one time and NOT in four installment.

I have checked the facts with the concerned nodal officer of SPARSH (Army Pension) and they have confirmed that the payment of arrears is an ongoing process and will be completed in phased manner