You are getting your pension from SPARSH PCDA Directly

Life Certficate also to be submitted to SPARSH  and not to Bank

Record Office has issued circular to Stop Pension if not submitted Life Cert through SPARSH imdly

You should submit your Life Certificate as sonn as migrated to SPARSH.  Need not to wait till November

Login to SPARSH Portal using your login ID Password.  You have option to do this through SPARSH Service centre also

Must mention your SPOARSH PPO and selecct SPARSH PCDA while submitting your Life Cert

You may submit your Life Cert using Jeevan Praman or directly through SPARSH online system

To get help about SPARSH you may contact SPARSH Service centre as link below 

Don;t visit any  Cyber Caffe for SPARSH related issue. Do at your own using mobile Phone or approach Service Centre 

You may visit our website regularly to get informed about sparsh and other issues