Demand for uniform   Pay Fixation Methodology at Last Pay Drawn stage has been accepted by Govt

Justice Delayed is Justice denied ! But delay in formulation of  new Pay Fixation Policy  will be released soon

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Members of AIREXSA discussed the Pay Fixation matter with DOPT on 23 March 2023

After a long battle of legal points since 2010, DOPT has accepted the discrimination between Officers and PBOR

However, Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expenditure  yet to accord financial approval on the proposal of DOPT   

The draft order for Revised Pay Fixation Policy was submitted to MoF for approval  Last year which has been returned to DOPT with some obsn

Meeting held with Secretary, DOPT and AIREXSA on 23 March  to accelerate the file resubmission process expected to be effective.

Secretary DOPT assured that the file will be resubmitted within a month and the matter will be resolved . A Bright hope of rays !

Once the revised order for New Pay Fixation  methodology released, all reemployed Exservicemen of India will get their pay fixed as per last pay drawn./

Finally disparity between officers and PBOR will be removed in the matter of Pay Fixation in Reemployed Post soon