OROP  Revision Started !

Many Pensioners already received increased OROP Pension in Jan

Have You Checked your Pension Slip ? All OROP Benefit will be cleared in this month

Govt has instructed  PCDA to complete the Revision of Pre 2014 Pensioners  by 15 Feb 2023

Fund has been allotted for OROP Arrears and additional increasement due to OROP

MA filed by IESM  demnded full arrears at one time -  No instalment.  But Govt is in work to revise the nsion

Revision under OROP for pre 2014-JUl Pensions will be completed by Feb  15 this year.

Post Jul'14 Pensioners will get corrigendum PPO First then, their increased pension will be effected.  It will also be ccarried out soon 

Arrears payment yet to be started. Once the revision process is completed, arrears will be paid as per order preference of OROP