रक्षा क्षेत्र में विशेष पेंशन योजना (OROP) की विसंगति

Anomaly -2  All kind of Pensioners  should be allowed to get OROP

Anomaly - 3  Gp X Pay of pre 2016 pensioners decreased.

Anomaly - 4  90% Commissioned Officers have been benefitted with the OROP - But only 40% PBOR benefitted

Anomaly - 5 Methodology of calculation/ determination of OROP table is Beneficial  for  officers 

Anomaly - 6 Govt has ignored benefit of  OROP for most of the PBOR

PBOR is always neglected.  Time bound Promotion is admissible to the Superiors but NOT for PBOR

Sacrifice of Jawans is totally neglected by the Govt and Defence administration