No more  disparity Jawans will also get    Equal MSP, Promotion, OROP, Disab Pension 

 veteran jawans/JCOs are in agitation protesting the discriminative policy in pay and allce &  pension of Army Navy AF  

The demand for equal MSP came about because there was a significant difference in the amount of MSP paid to officers and jawans. 

Officers getting  higher amount of MSP,  Jawans getting one third  amount, despite both  equally exposed to the risks and hardships

Jawans are the backbone of  Indian Army and  they are IN  the front lines, facing the enemy and putting their lives on the line 

Veteran Jawans have already filed a court case in Delhi High Court demanding Equal MSP and the hearing of the cases are in progress since long

Even though, OROP benefit is made highly beneficial to  Officers only. They got an increase in their pension not less than Rs 12,000/- but in case of Jawans most of the veterans got no increase due to OROP since 2019.

Disability pension for Jawans are only 5-6 thousand whereas officers get 40-50 thousands. There is So much difference caused discrimination and agitation

Promotion of Commissioned officers are fixed as afte rputting only  3 years, 6 yrs, 13 yrs and 17 yrs upto Colonel.  In case of jawans, there is no such time bound promotion

a long protest started from 20 Feb at jantar mantar demanding the equal MSP and removal of other discrepancies in Indian Armed forces between  Officers and Jawans