Detailed News  on Govt Initiative for Change in OROP Table as demanded by ESM Associations

As per ESM Associations of JCOs OR, the OROP benefit aimed to award more to Officers

Discrimination in Promotional Avenue, MSP, in service benefit and after retiremement benefit  raised by ESM Org

Deployment of Jawans at Officers residence as domestic Servant is  legally termed as Buddy System. This British system should be immediately discontinued. Says Veteran Asso.  

Deployment  of NCE in all unit is the only solution of abolition of Sahayak/Buddy System 

A reform in Indian Army Manpower Cadre is necessary to redesign the entire eco-system -- says veterans  

Manpower policy of Indian Army should be rationalised with a view to requirement of Sahayak for officers

Most of the Army Jawans want to get discharge after 15 years of service because of Gross discrimination within the organisation and ill treatment by officers

an HR audit within the Army may prove the present situation and cause of huge discrmination between Jawans and officers -- Says Veterans