OROP Revision-2 has been completed by PCDA (P) Prayagraj

After Revision, Pension of the Effected persons already disbursed from Feb 2023 

Arrears of OROP paid at One Go to Family Pensioners and  Galantary Award Winners.

Sr Citizens above 70 Yrs of age has been paid their total dues  of OROP Arrears before 30 June 2023

Remaining Pensioners  have received there OROP arrears in phased manner.

1st Installment of OROP arrears paid to all before May 2023 and remailing are being paid as per Orders of SC

2nd Installment of OROP Arrears is being paid to all by 31 Aug 2023 through SPARSH or CPPC as applicable

Only eligible pensioners who got 1st Installment will now receive OROP  arrears of 2nd Installment

You may check your eligibility from SPARSH Portal or Table of OROP available here