Govt has issued clarification  on the Demands of Exservicemen in 13 Different issues

MoD has made effort to pour coolen on the hot air blown by the ESM fraternity at Jantar Mantar & other platforms

OROP, ECHS, CSD, Family Pension, Disability Pension, Promotion and other benefits of soldiers  have discrimination

The issue regarding disparity on Pay Fixation of ESM PBOR has been overlooked by the MoD.

All the demands has been considered on the basis of exisiting Rules which were onece upon a time formed by British Rulers

Demands regarding actual Benefits of OROP has been ignored showing some excuse of Govt instructions. No efforts seen to rationalisation of the demands  

No comments found regarding Time bound promotion . Offrs are getting assured 3 promotion within 13 years of his service whereas for PBOR no such scheme.

An efforts have been made to dispose of the complaints by referring exisiting Rules and regulation.  Whereas the complaints were against these rules.

No efforts found to resolve any of the issues.  No rationalisation steps have been taken.  No initiative taken to remove disparity.

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