In the event of death of an Army, Navy and Air veteran after discharge from service, where PPO was issued from SPARSH, Spouse/NOK will forward death intimation to PCDA (P) Prayagraj through online mode. 

The Online Process of Intimation of Death and Claim for Family Pension

Spouse/NOK is requested to upload death intimation and report death for family pension from following link: 

Step 1: Open the SPARSH portal using URL: .  It is better to install the SPARSH mobile App on your Android Phone. To know details of SPARSH Mobile app installation process you may click here – 

Step 2: Spouse whose name is Jointly Notified in Service Pension PPO is requested to go to services and Report “Death” provided under section “Start Family Pension” tab as illustrated above.  Once you selected the “Start Family Pension” Tab, you will find a screen where you need to put some details related to the service of the deceased veteran. i.e – Service – Army /Navy/AF/Civilians.  Next in the Unique Identifier – select  any one of the following :-

(i)   Bank Account No.
(ii)   Personal No.
(iii)   PPO No.
(iv)  Regimental No.
(v)  PRAN Number.
(vi) GPF Number.  

We suggest selecting the Regimental Number which is unique and never changed from joining to till date.  Now in the next field – put the Regimental number and Name of pensioner as per PPO.  Do not make any mistake so, check the Discharge Book, I Card and PPO twice.  

In the next field you need to put the details of the person who is reporting.  In general Wife supposed to report in the event of death to the Exservicemen.  If the wife is no longer, son/daughter may report the death.  Put following details :

First Name of wife (reporter) _____
Middle Name  _____
Last name  _____
Relation – select “Spouse”  in case the wife is reporting.   In other cases appropriate relations may be selected.
Mobile No ______
Email ID  ______

At the bottom, you will find the Validate and proceed.  In the website also the similar fields available –  Follow – Services — For family –Start Family Pension/Death Reporting –  Validate Proceed.   In the Next state you need to provide upload death certificate and Your (wife) identification details.  Must confirm that your name, DoB is matched with your Bank account, PAN, Aadhar and PPO.  Everywhere should have the same name (spelling) and DOB).

SPARSH Pensioners Special Attention : Important Action after Migration 

Step 3: Submit the form and claimant will get a Token ID for future reference. For Tracking service request go to services and select “Track Service Request”. Enter the Token No and status of request will be visible to claimant. 

In case of any assistance, please approach O/o PCDA(P), Prayagraj on help line number 1800 180 5325.


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