Utility of Dependent card of Exservicemen

dependent card utility

KSB has introduced Dependent card for family members of ex-servicemen. Many of you are thinking of getting a Dependent ID Card from your Zila Sainik Board for your family members i.e wife, children, parents etc.  Before applying for the card, you should know some important information in this regard.

Dependent cards for family members of Exservicemen are issued by ZSB only. It is of no special use for your family members. So you need not to be in a hurry to get this card. 

What is the utility of a Dependent ID card for family members of exservicemen?

D card has to be shown when buying an air ticket in defense concession. But you can get this concession even if you show ECHS card or Dependent ID card available from the service. All airlines accept ECHS card.  

Dependent ID cards are not for entering any military area. Separate permission is required for this. 

Dependent ID card is not required to visit the canteen or ECHS. Take a CSD Smart card or ECHS card in your name to go to these places. 

Besides, no dependent ID card is required for any other work. Another misconception many ESMs have. That is:-

“I have an ESM ID card. But what will happen to my wife after my death, my card will be deposited in the soldier board, then how will my wife go everywhere? So I want to get a dependent ID card for the wife (family).” 

This is a complete misconception because in the event of passing away of ESM, both his own ESM ID card and the Dependent ID card issued to his wife, must be submitted to the Soldier Board, and instead, the widow will be issued a “Widow ID Card”. 

As all the ex-serviceman need to have “Soldier Board ESM ID Card”, every widow needs to have “Widow ID Card”. 

Dependent ID card is not a mandatory card. There is no problem even if you don’t have this card. Even if there is nothing special. So, if you think it is useful to you, then only apply, either need not to be in a hurry and may apply as and when you feel necessary.

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