Imp Updates on SPARSH Pension and Pre & Post Migration Activities

Dear Veterans, once your pension payment is started in SPARSH system, you will get pension directly from PCDA(P). In case of any complaint, you can register it using your own User ID and Password through Sparsh Portal, which will be resolved within the shortest time frame possible. Chances of discrepancy would be minimized, in fact an error free pension disbursement system would be put in place for defense pensioners. Life Certificate will also be done through SPARSH.

You might have received a msg on your mobile phone that your pension has been migrated to SPARSH. Either you are already in SPARSH environment since long. As you know the pension of all the govt sectors are regulated and distributed by CPPC of the banks concerned. But MoD has now taken initiative that the pension of all retired Armed Forces Personnel and Defence Civilian pensioners will now be paid directly by PCDA through a system named SPARSH.

Migration to SPARSH has been continued as per following scheme :-

(A) Phase 1:- Ex- sevicman Retired after 2016, have been successfully Migrated to SPARSH System
(B)Phase 2 :- includes Exserviceman, who retired between 2006 till 2016…. Now being Migrated to SPARSH.
(C) Phase 3 :- inlude Migration of all who retired before  2006.

SPARSH Migration Completion Target :-  Before  End of  2023 , All veterans, Pension  Beneficiaries  including  family pensioners shall be switched over to SPARSH.

Action to be taken by veterans :-

Veterans Exserviceman / Family Pensioners need follow these :

  •  No action is required by any Retired / their family Pension Beneficiaries to get MIGRATION to SPARSH.

MIGRATION to PCDA PRYAGRAJ ( Allahabad) Controlled SPARSH :-

SPARSH migration is Automatic done by CDA & Mandatory, which shall be completed by End of the yr 2023. 

Shall I submit any Willingness certificate  for Migration ?

 No, you need not to submit any willingness Cert by veterans/willingness.

What about  Annual Life Certificate ?

It is not mandatory to submit Life Certificate in Every November.  You should submit your life certificate once in a year before  It can be given on “ANY DATE” of the year , & it shall be valid for One yr from that Date.

(a) It can be submitted through Sparsh Portal by :- 
(i)  Using Biomatric Device directly to sparsh.
(ii) Using  जीवन प्रमाण फेस रीडिंग app, available on Google Play Store,
(iii)   MLC, manual Life Cert, obtaining from Gazeted offr and upload on the SPARSH Portal.

LC  uploading can be done by yourself or through  CSC , SPARSH CDA service Centers, list of which is available on SPARSH PORTAL.


Migration is a automatic process and veterans need not to do anything.  The credential will be sent to his registered mobile phone with Bank’s Pension Account  two things.  You will get   User id   &   Pass Word (PW) .  You can download your password anytime.

You may check the article how to log in SPARSH portal.

You may check your all data  i.e  PPO, Pension credited to Bank, Form 16A & B, Tax deducted, Annual life cert due, Family pension, your Raised Queries, Tracking option, time bound disposal.

In the event of User id & PW not received by the pensioners:-

You can send GRIVANCES to  official website of CDA or SPARSH Grievance mechanism

Call  centers :- GRIVANCES  can be submitted through call centre Number.  (1800- 180-5325), capacity of which has been recently tremendously increased.

SPARSH Service Centers :- SPARSH Service centers have been opened in every District, & list of such service Centers is available on SPARSH Portal, It is Useful those have difficulties in Mobile /Computer Operations.

Payment of arrears  –  Revision in pension, DA, any Benefits shall be automatically Paid to everyone at same Time.

Pension :- for the current month shall be paid on last date of previous month in the bank account with full Accuracy & at right Time.

As assured by the SPARSH, CDA team, all problems of the Previous SPARSH System has been rectified, & current SPARSH SYSTEM is Fully Reliable.

As described by the Team SPARSH  of CDA:-   SPARSH is the EXCELLENT, Transparent, Reliable, Timely Payment Making , User’s  Self correction of Data, user’s Grievances – Time bound Tractable System, System Informing All Documents, ie PPO, FORM16, LIFE CERT etc  & All Data / info.  SPARS is  Excellent, Timely, Reliable, Transparent, Paperless, FREE from human errors mistakes , delays , negligence’s.

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