University Degree with Marksheet without Exam for all Exservicemen

ba hrm degree from andhra university for exservicemen

Ministry of Defence has taken initiative to award a degree of BA(HRM) for Exservicemen on their retirement. You need to apply to your ZSB in the prescribed format as given at the bottom of this article. All Exservicemen matriculates and Higher Secendary pass may apply to get this degree along with marksheet. A detailed SOP and procedure to apply for the degree is reproduced below as issued by KSB.



1. The Indian Armed Forces i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force has a very large base forproviding employment to the youth of India at the intake levels of Secondary & Higher secondary level of education. The onus of training the serving soldiers for the purpose of guarding the nation and providing higher educational and technical qualification for providing equal re-employment opportunities on release, lies with the Ministry of Defence. For this purpose. GOl letter No 15012/8/82-Estt(D) of Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances dated 12-02-1986, provides for issuance of a Graduation Certificate to Ex-Servicemen (ESM) on completion of terms of engagement. Though the GOl stipulates that the certificate be considered equivalent to a graduation degree to all such eligible ESM meeting the stipulated conditions, this certification is often not honored by various employing agencies as it is not from an academic institution.

2. Hence, considering the problems being faced by the ESM, Kendriya Sainik Board, New Delhi has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Andhra University, for issue of Graduation Certificate in Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management) {BA (HRM)} to the eligible ESM, in consonance with the GO1 letter No.15012/8/82-Estt(D) of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances dated 12-02-1986 and the parameters laid down by the Andhra University. In consultation with Andhra University, a SOP has been worked out for grant of the subject BA (I IRM) degree


3.  These guidelines include the procedures from the time an ESM submits application, role of ZSWO, conduct of tests, forwarding of recommended applications & Board proceedings to the Andhra University, receipt of certificates from the University and handing over to the ESM.

University Degree with Marksheet without Exam for all Exservicemen

4. Eligibility Criteria for Award of BA(HRM) Degree to ESM:

(a) The applicant should be an Ex-Serviceman as per the Definition of ESM given vide DoPT Circulars and applicable from time to time.

(b) Should be a 10+2 or Intermediate or equivalent or has obtained the Indian Army Special Certificate of Education or equivalent in the Navy or Air Force.

(c)   Should not have less than 15 years of service in the Armed forces of the Union of India. Those applicants who have completed 15 Years of service on or after 01-01-2010 (First of January 2010) shall be considered for the award of the Degree.

(d)   For those who are just matriculates and do not possess 10+2 qualification, the credit should contain 05 (five) years of credits that reflects both intermediate or +2 and 3 (three) years of graduate structure, to be prepared by RSB and to be sent to Andhra University for consideration.Submission of Applications.

5. The desired ESM shall approach respective ZSWOs. Eligible ESM will be required to submit prescribed format of application available with ZSWO along with the following: –

(a)  For Matriculate ESM.
(i)   Discharge Certificate.
(ii)  Pension Payment Order (PPO).

(b)  For 10 + 2 ESM
(I)  Discharge Certificate.
(ii)   Pension Payment Order (PPO).
(iii)  Intermediate certificate.

6.  The ZSWO is required to verify whether the ESM is meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned in the MOUtSOP or not. The ZSWO Is also required to verify the Original documents produced by ESM. Prescribed application form should be given to only eligible ESM with a direction to fill the same and return the same with two sets of attested xerox copies of above rawboned documents. A sample application form is attached at Appendix ‘A’.

7.  The ZSWO has to compile the data of applications of ESM in the prescribed format and forward to the Directorate on a half yearly basis. The RSBs will forward In the prescribed format to the Andhra University twice a year i.e., June and December Schedule.

8. A suggested schedule is as follows:-

(a)  For June

(i)  Receipt of application at ZSWOs       – 01 Apr to 30 April
(iii)  Last date for receipt of applicationsto the Dte         – 15 May

(iv) Conduct of Viva Voce by BOO                                           –  4th week of May

(v) Submission of results toAndhra University by the June Dte

(b)     For December
(i)        Receipt of application at ZSWOs  : 01 Oct to 31 Oct
(ii)      Last date for receipt of applications to the Directorate  – 15 Nov
(iii)     Conduct of Viva Voce by BOO  –  4th week of Nov
(iv)     Submission of results to Andhra University by the Directorate – Decembe

9.  The Director, Sainik Welfare shall order a BOO including at least one ESM. In case of non availability of any ESM within the RSBs/ZSBs. the Director may seek the sanction of the Secretary, KSB to utilize the services of an ESM Officer from the environment.

Grading in Consolidated Marks Sheet

10. The respective BOOs are to fill the subject wise consolidated marks sheet as per format for each candidate and duly countersigned by the Director. Due prudence must be exercised Aile filling the marks sheet and additional grades/ marks based on any additional courses other than the Indian Army Special Certificate of Education ( or corresponding certificate in the Navy or the Indian Air Force) courses The marks sheet for the three years course (for 10+2 qualified ESM) is attached at Appendix B. The marks sheet for five years course (for matriculate ESM) is attached at Appendix C. For information the matrix of percentage to degree class is as wader:-

PercentageDegree Class
40-50Third divison
51-59Second division
60 and aboveFirst division

Assessment of a Candidate

11. The agreement is to issue a graduation certificate with grading on equivalence of the candidate’s credentials while in service. Therefore the BOO shall assess the candidate in two parts.

(a) Scrutiny of all certificates indicating a candidates performance while in service.

(b) Viva Voce To test the aptitude, potential and ability of the candidate. Most of the questions posed are from the syllabus.

12. The BOO should have a fairly good idea of the candidate’s Past, performance, aptitude and potential. The assessment shall be in two parts:

In Service Qualifications70 marks
Two Instructor Grades65-70 marks
One Instructor Grades60-65 marks marks
No Instructor GradeMax 50 marks
In Viva Voca30 marks

13. Eligible ESM shall deposit the prescribed course fee by Demand Draft within two weeks after viva voce OR alternatively, the individual may go to a Bank and deposit the amount in the specified account of Andhra University, obtain a receipt and enclose it as per format at Appendix 1D’.

14. The course fee at present has been fixed at Rs. 12,500/- per applicant which may be reviewed by the University. The bank account details of Andhra University Defence Education Programme is as follows:-

Account Holder Name Andhra University Defence Education Programme
Account Number         105610100069125
IFSC Code                   UBIN0553030
Bank Name                 Union Bank of India
Branch Address        – AU Campus Branch. Visakhapatnam
Account type             – Savings Bank
Documents to be submitted by ESM

15.  Each ESM who has qualified shall submit an A4 size sheet with following, to the ZSWO:-

a) Name of the individual/ candidate

b) Affix his latest Passport size photograph

c) Demand draft of course fee

d) Registration Number (to be filled at the RSB)

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