Today Received OROP 2nd Instalment Arrears : Check Now

OROP has been implemented and now Armed Forces pensioners who are eligible to get their pension revised have been benefitted with the revolutionary scheme. Now its turn to check if your arrears amount received or not. Most of the SPARSH pensioners have already received their 2nd instalment of OROP arrears. Today Most of the Bank pensioners have received their arrears amount and it is expected that within the next everybody will received their entitled OROP arrears of 2nd instalment.

As you know that the OROP has been effective from July 2014 and according to the SOP of the scheme, revision occured in every 5 years. The 2nd revision has been finalised after a long waiting and finalisation of court cases with effect from July 2019. The effect of the revision has been reflected to the Bank acct of the OROP beneficiaries in Januar- February 2023.

As per orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and PCDA Circulars in this effect, the arrears fro July 2019 to Dec 2022 will be paid to the OROP beneficiaries in 4 installment. The First insallment has already been paid in January- Feb 2023.

Msg from SBI :

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The senior citizens above 70 years of age has already been recceived their total arrears in June 2023. Family pensioners and gallantary award winners have been paid the total amount at single instance by Mach 2023.

Now, its the turn to get 2nd installment of OROP arrears for all remaining eligible defence pensioners. It has been observed that most of the eligible Army Navy and Air Force Pensioners who were due for the 2nd installment of OROP arrears have recceived the arrears amount credited in their Bank account through SPARSH on 11th August 2023. You may check your bank acct, if got credited or not.

Why all Pensioners did not receive OROP arrears ?

OROP Table for revision of your pension wef 01.07.2019 has been published by DESW, Ministry of defence. The Notification comprises 121 Tables is quite diffucult to trace out your particular pension amount. You may find the table matching your rank and type of pension. The rank and years of service is denoting the exact amount of basic OROP pension you entitled. If this amount is less than the existing pension, it will be protected. In case of more amount of pension showing in the table, your pension will be revised. In this blog, you may find your pension at easy way. A glimps of the Most effective Tabble No 7 and 8 are here for your ready reference. For complete set of tables kindly visit the official website of DESW or PCDA.

Those who are already getting their pension which is more than the amount shown in this table, are not eligible to get their pension revised. Those who are already getting more pension, their pension will be protected and will contine to draw the enttiled pension and their pension will not be reduced.

Now check the extract of the table below :-

The above table contains only the pension of regular retired JCOs/OR of Army Navy and Air Force Gp Y and Sgt Gp X with 20 Yrs Service. For detailed notification alongwith the 121 Tables for all ranks and service length including Commissioned Officers, SSC officers, Gp X and Y JCOs/OR of TA, DSC, Regular Forces (Army/Navy/AF) and MNS kindly follow the article below:-

Revised schedule of OROP 2nd, thrird and Fourt installment of arrears has been published by MoD. Click here to know the schedule.

Table No 7