Pension Credited to all Defence Pensioners : Yours ?

Today Pension Credited to Lakhs of Defence Pensioners

Defence pensioners used to get their pension credited in their bank account by the last day of the month. But Pension for the Month of March delayed due to  Financial Year ending close and thereafter closed holiday on 1 and 2 April 2023.

After a long waiting Pension for the month of March 2023 has been credited in the bank account on 03 April 2023 to most of the Defence Pensioners.   Its very unfortunate that this month i.e in the month of March, no pension has been credited on the last date i.e 31 March.  If your pension has not been credited till date, you need not to be worried.

Its happening with thousands and lakhs of civil and defence pensioners due to Financial Year ending followed by series of bank holidays. Every year, pension and salary payment is delayed for the month of March. Generally it is occurred due to closing of accounts for the current financial year.

After payment of the salary and pension, it is not possible to close the yearly account for the current financial year. So, there is a compulsion for the management of the Accounts department to pay the pension and salary delayed to April instead of 31 March.

On 1st April , it is Saturday, 2nd April Sunday both are closed holiday for PCDA and central and state govt administration. Moreover bank will also observe holiday. On 3rd April it may be observed as holiday, somewhere 4th April as Mahabir Jayanti. So, Pension may has been paid on 3rd  and remaining will be paid on 4th and 5th April 2023.

Some other reasons may be there for delayed payment of pension every month. the possible reasons may be :

  • Non submission of Life certificate up to the cutoff date.
  • (b) Injunction on pension payment by any authority/ court
  • (c) Ceasing eligibility to get pension – for family pension upto the age of 25 years for son and for daughter, marriage information.
  • (d) Any bank related issues, KYC or any matter.
  • Whatever the reason may be it can be cleared from your pension disbursing authority and the Bank/Post office paying the pension.

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