The Mind Blowing Welfare Schemes for Exserviemen by State Govt of Kerala





(a) All Posts / Recruitments in the Department of State Sainik Welfare are

exclusively reserved for Ex-Servicemen post 01 Mar 1964.

(b) Civilian posts in the N.C.C. Department are reserved for Ex-


(c) 10% of Vacancies for the post of Livestock Inspectors in the Animal

Husbandry Department through Direct Recruitment are reserved for the Ex-

Servicemen personnel, their dependants and also to the dependants of

serving personnel.

(d) 10% of the vacancies are reserved to wives and children of Jawans for

appointment as female wardens, Hospital cleaners and Ayahs in Govt


(e) 10% of the vacancies to the post of Police Constable (Drivers) are

reserved to Ex-Servicemen (Conditions apply)

(f) Concessions are granted to Ex-Servicemen as per the following by the

Stateb Public Selection Commission (PSC) for the Recruitment to the post of

Excise Inspector:

(i) Relaxation in educational qualification from degree to S.S.L.C.

(ii) Relaxation in physical standard.

(iii) Weightage is granted by the P.S.C. to Ex-Servicemen

candidates according to their length of service, gallantry awards.

(iv) Priority for sponsoring through Employment Exchanges.

(g) State Government provides age relaxation by counting the period of

Military service plus period of unemployment after discharge from the

Armed Forces up to a maximum of 5 years.

(h) Wives of Jawans of Defence forces will be given preference in the

matter of recruitment (through PSC) as teacher when all other things are


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(i) Employment assistance to NOK / Dependents of personnel killed in action

(i) The State Government of Kerala provides employment

assistance in the State service to the NOK / dependants of the defence

personnel and GREF / BSF personnel attached to military duty killed /

disabled / missing due to reasons attributable to military service.

(ii) Age concessions of 10 years over and above the existing

age limits allowed to wives and dependents of Jawans

killed in action for recruitment through Employment Exchanges.


(a) Grant of Financial Assistance from State Mil Benevolent Fund

(SMBF) / District Mil Benevolent Fund (DMBF) An amount ranging

from Rs 5000/- to Rs 6000/- is given from the SMBF to Ex-servicemen /

Widows provided the annual income of the family is less than Rs. 50,000/-.

This grant from District Military Benevolent Fund is Rs 3000/- to Rs. 4000/-.

(b) Immediate Financial Assistance

(i) To alleviate the immediate nature of financial distress of

ex-servicemen or their dependants, immediate financial assistance is

granted from the SMBF at the rates of Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 10,000/- by

the Chief Minister and the Director of Sainik Welfare respectively.

District Collector & Zila Sainik Welfare officer can sanction an amount

of Rs 5000/- & Rs 2000/- respectively from the DMBF.

(ii) Financial Assistance (Monthly grant for two years) to old infirm

Ex-Servicemen of Rs 2,000/- per month is also given apart from the

above grant.

(c) Ex-Gratia Allowance Lump sums grant of Rs 10,000/- is given to the

family (Widow / Dependants) of an Ex-serviceman in the event of his death to

alleviate their immediate financial crisis without stipulating any conditions.

(d) Marriage Grants A sum of Rs 10000/- is given to poor Ex-

servicemen for the marriage of two of his daughters. The application has to be

submitted within six months from the date of marriage.

(e) Financial Assistance to Blind Ex-servicemen / Blind Widows of Ex-servicemen / Blind Wives of ESM / Blind dependent children of ESM

 A sum of Rs 1000/- per month is given to blind ex-servicemen / blind

widows / blind wives of ex-servicemen / dependents who are totally blind in

both the eyes, without stipulating income limit and subjected to SMBF rules.

The amount of grant are sent by Money Order.


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