Support the Veterans Agitation at Jantar Mantar : Requested by Voice of ESM Society

Various ESM/Veterans Organisations throughout the Country have united at Jantar Mantar to protest against the disparity and discrepancies in basic rights of Jawans. Since the British reign, a huge dicrimination and disparity created by so called British rulers between the desi Jawans and Angrej Officers. The tradition is still carried over in the Sovereign Armed Forces of Independent India in this 21st century… which is very shamefull – described a veteran protest coordinator at Jantar mantar, Delhi.

The Veterans Protest Organisers have requested all the veterans of Indian Armed Forces to participate the protest for alleged discrimination in various pay and allowances and other rights in Defence services and pension i.e inequality in MSP, OROP, Quota in CSD, Special Care for Officers only at ECHS etc.

The National Coordinator of Voice of Exservicemen Society has requested the veterans of all over India to participate the agitation/protest program of 12 March to make it meaning full for the betterment of the Armed Forces veterans to bring equality and rights in pay , pension and other welfare issues of veteran Jawans/JCOs/HCOs. An open invitation published by the society is reproduced below :

Respected Veterans,

अब वक्त आ गया है कि कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक मौजूद सभी संगठनों को एक कर एक यूनाइटेड फ्रंट का गठन किया जाय ताकि आजादी के 75 साल बाद मौजूद आर्थिक और समाजिक भेद भाव से मुक्ति पाया जा सके l इसकी भी घोषणा 12.3.2023 को जंतर मंतर पर आ रहे संगठनों से बातचीत कर किया जाएगा l फिर सभी JCOs NCOs जवान HCOs और इनके संगठनों से निवेदन है कि 12.3.2023 को जंतर मंतर दिल्ली भारी संख्या में पहुंचे l

The time has come to form a United Front of all the Ex-Servicemen Organisations which Led by HCOs/JCOs /NCOs/ORs, right from Kashmir to Kanayakumari, if we are really serious and desire to end this discrimination in Pay & Allowance, Pensions/OROP, other discrimination in CSD/DGR etc, which are happening even after 75 years of Independence.

A formal announcement shall be made during Rally on 12 March 2023 Sunday at जंतर-मंतर.

May we request all the organisations coming to take part in the Agitation Rally on OROP-2 on 12-3-2023, Pl give the names of your organization and the contact details of head of organization. So that they can be part and parcel of this movement.

Modalities, agenda and other related things will be mutually decided.

Persons to be contacted for details:-

  1. Vtrn. H.Capt Ram Singh Tanwar: 9461046595
  2. Vtrn. H.Capt. Liyakat Ali: 9829558142
  3. Vtrn. Cpl VRK Kishore Balla: 9246206563
  4. Vtrn. Jwo Chitranjan: 9560277686
  5. Vtrn. Sgt Jitender Dev: 9891372555
  6. Vtrn. Sgt. Rajeev Behal
  7. Vtrn. PO. Shambhu Singh: 91365-41357
  8. Vtrn. PO Avinash Singh: 77640-33182

With Best Regards

Vtrn. Bir Bahadur Singh
National Coordinator
Voice of ESM Society


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