Submit your Life Certificate Using Smart Phone from Home in few Clicks only

Submit your Life Certificate Using Smart Phone from Home in few Clicks only

To get continue your pension, Submission of Life Certificate is one of the most important task after retirement for all categories of  pensioners of Govt/PSU / Autonomous bodies.  In this article you will find the easiest way to submit life certificate from home using your mobile phone only.  You need not to have any fingerprint device at all.  Moreover you need not to visit Bank or any pension paying authority also.

Defence pensioners also need not to visit Bank or Veteran Cell or SPARSH Service centre or any Cyber Cafe. Step by step process is here –

First Action –  Just Download  these two Apps from Google Play Store into your Android Mobile phone. (not on the Iphone yet).

(a) Aadhar Face Rd.

(b) Jeevan Pramaan. Version 4.0.0.  

You must be careful while downloading these Apps that, it should be authentic source and  must not be a phishing link. If you have any earlier version of these Apps, first uninstall them and again install it from Google Play store only.

It is also notable that Aadhar FaceRD app works silently in the background. No logo can be seen. So do not worry.  The following steps need to be executed as instructed below to submit your life certificate –

Step-1: Click on Jeevan Pramaan Logo on your mobile. It will ask you to give permission to use your Camera.

Step-2: It will take you to Personal Identification. You click on Aadhar. See Screenshot.

(a) Enter your Aadhar No.
(b) Enter your Mobile No. registered with Aadhar.
(c) Enter your full name as in Aadhar Card.
(d) Click on SUBMIT. They will send an OTP to your Mobile No.
(e) Enter the OTP and click on SUBMIT.
(f) Click on SCAN. Give permission while Using this App.

(g) Capturing Face. It will show you two icons. Centre one on the top and right one on the bottom. You have to have light on your face. Best is to face the Sun God & Click on I am aware. Blink your eyes to capture your iris (black or brown circle) of the eye. Then you will get message Image captured successfully.

Step-3: Pensioner Identification. 

You will be taken to the next page. Enter again the same Aadhar No, Mobile No and your full Name in Aadhar Card. Click on SUBMIT.

(a)  For Defence Pensioners male Select. For Family pensioner click on Family Pensioner.

For Life Certificate Need not to Wait Till November : SPARSH Pensioners

(b) Organisation –Central Govt.

(c) For Pension Sanctioning Authority: Your PCDA who generated your PPO:-
(i) For Army pensioners both male and family it is PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj.
(ii) For Naval pensioners it is PCDA (Navy) Mumbai.
(iii) For IAF pensioners it is Jt CDA (AF) Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt.

(d) Disbursing Agency: 

For SPARSH PENSIONERS of all three services it is SPARSH- PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraaj. 
For those still not yet migrated it is your own CPPC of the Bank, like CPPC, SBI, Kolkata. 

(e)  Disbursing Agency: 

For SPARSH migrated pensioners, it is SPARSH – PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj. 

For others it is their CPPC.

(f) Agency. 

For migrated pensioners it is SPARSH-PCDA. (Pensions) Prayagaraj. 

For others it is CPPC of Bank. 

Click on NEXT.

Step-4: Preview Filled Data. It will display the following data you entered:-

(a) Your Name as in Aadhar Card.

(b) Type of Pensioner: Service (for family pensioner it is Family).

(c) Organisation: Central Govt (for all defence pensioners).

(d) Sanctioning Authority: Your PSA. (It is PCDA (Pensions) Prayagraj for Army pensioner. For Navy, PCDA Navy Mumbai or PCDA (P) Prayagraj. For IAF pensioners it is Jt CDA (AF) Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt.

(e) Disbursing Agency: For all migrated to SPARSH, it is SPARSH – PCDA (Pensions), Prayagraj. 
(f) Agency: For all migrated Pensioners, it is : SPARSH -PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad.
(g) PPO No: The last PPO or E-PPO No you got from your PSA (Pension Sanctioning Authority).
(h) It will ask you to certify in two boxes. Click on them.
(j) Click on SUBMIT button.

Step-5: Confirm. Here for most of us who get only one pension (including Disabled or war injured soldier) click NO. 
For those who get two pensions click on YES.

It will take you to SCAN page. It will show you that you have submitted Digital Life Certificate for the following PPO No:  XXXXX.

It will also ask you to give consent. Click on the box. Then click on SCAN.

Step-6: Detecting Face. Go in front of good light preferably on daytime with Sun and blink your eyes. If your iris of eye is captured, then you get message, Image Captured Successfully.

Step-7: Photo. Your photo as given at the time of making an Aadhar card will be shown to you. It will also give your Pramaan ID which is 10 digit for PPO no —-. Note Pramaan ID down. 

Step-8: Go to Google. Type there:

Click on Download Life Certificate by Generating OTP. It will take you to Pensioner Sign In. It has a box for entering Jeevan Pramaan ID: Enter the ID you noted down. Click on Captcha. It will give you a receipt. 

 Your Life Certificate will be sent to SPARSH (for those migrated to SPARSH) within 24 hrs. On the next day log into SPARSH portal. Go to Life Certificate. SPARSH  will show you that you have submitted your  Life Certificate on the date you submitted and also will tell you when is your Next Due Date of Submission of Life Certificate.

So, it is expected that you will now successfully able to submit your life certificate and must assist your friends and relatives also with just two Apps (Aadhar FaceRD and Jeevan Pramaan version 4.0.0).  You can generate Life Certificate happily sitting at home for which you neither required any costly biometric device nor you have to go to any bank or DPDO or Veteran Cell or CDA office or Record Office.

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Defence SPARSH Pensioner may read the article below to know the detailed process of SPARSH Life Certificate –

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