Confirm Now Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not

Almost all Defence Pensioners have already submitted their Life certificate in bank or service Centre mentioning SPARSH PPO number but still you are getting msg from SPARSH that your identification is pending.  Its mid of Feb and you are regularly getting your pension but very soon your pension maybestoppedifnot taken action. If this situation is matched with you, be assured that your life certificate has not been properly submitted to PCDA SPARSH. 

Yes, it has been experienced by thousands and lakhs of exservicemen that they have submitted Life Certificate with erroneous process and as a result, the Identification has not been completed or Life certificate has not been submitted to SPARSH till date.Submission of Life certificate on Jeevan Praman may not give you assurance that it has been properly submitted to SPARSH.

All pensioners are aware of the fact that, in the event of non submission of Life certificate within scheduled period, pension may be stopped.  So, you must confirm whether your Life Certificate has been received by the SPARSH and reflected in your SPARSH Profile.

How to check if your life certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not

The most authentic way to check whether your life certificate has been received and accepted/approved by the SPARSH is described here.

Step-1   :  Log in to SPARSH Portal using your user ID and Password.

Step 2 :  Click on the Identification /Life Certificate Tab.

Step-3 : Check whether your Life Certificate submission details.  It must be in Nov 2023 and the Next Due date must be Nov 2024.

If you have find that your Life certificate submission date is still showing Nov 2022 and next due tate is by Nov 2023, then confirm that your Life Certificate has not been accepted by SPARSH due to adopted wrong process by Bank/ Submission authority.   To know details about how to submit Life Certificate on SPARSH Portal  Correctly, please find these article available in our website. –

Banks Must Ensure Linking Defence Pensioner’s Life Certificate With SPARSH
Ways to Confirm Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not


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