Stepping up of Pay of a Senior if a Junior Ppromoted after a Specific Date – Veterans Check Please

stepping up of pay

Stepping up of pay is a natural phenomena which comes under constitutional provision to bring parity with the pay of juniors in a certain cadre.  The rules and regulations in this regard  as applicable to defence forces personnel are here.

Stepping up of pay of JCOs/OR Promoted to a higher rank before 1.1.1996

In cases where a Senior JCO/NCO/OR Promoted to a higher rank before 1.1.1996 draws less pay in the revised pay scale than his Junior belonging to the same pay groups (same trade and of the same Arm / Service) promoted to the same higher rank after 1.1.1996, the pay of the senior will be stepped up to the equal pay as fixed to his junior in the higher rank. The stepping up should be done w.e.f. the date of promotion of the junior, subject to the following conditions. 

(a) Both Junior and Senior should belong to the same Arm/Service. Trade and Rank to which promoted should be identical. 

(b) The pre-revised and revised scales of pay of the lower and higher ranks in which they are entitled to draw pay should be identical.

(c) The senior was not drawing less pay than the junior in the lower rank in the pre-revised scale of pay. 

(d) The anomaly should be a direct result of the application of Rule 25A of the Pay & Allce Regns for JCOs/Ors of the Army 1979 in fixation of pay on such promotion in the revised scale. In such a case the next increment of the senior will be drawn on completion of the required qualifying service from the date of the stepping up of pay. [Authy: Para 13 of AI 1/S/98] 

Stepping up of the Pay in respect of the JCO/NCO/OR who are brought to the new revised pay scales w.e.f. 10.10.1997. 

The provisions (i.e., Para 13 of AI 1/S/98) of stepping up of pay of a senior if a Junior promoted after 1.1.96 draws more pay is equally applicable mutatis mutandis to the JCOs/NCOs/ORs who are brought to the new revised pay scales w.e.f. 10.10.1997 as per Para 8 of AI 1/S/98. [Authy: Para 13.1 of AI 1/S/98] „

Serving JCOs/OR with identical rank and trade/grade may also seek pay parity / stepping up of pay on the grounds of equal position/rank/class /service length. In such case your junior should be appointed and promoted later than you to the specific rank. To knw more must contact your Record/PAO concerned deivision/wings.

Those who have found these clauses are applicable to them and their pay required to be fixed, may approach to the PCDA/ Record office concerned for re-fixation of their pay since the date effective accordingly.


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