Special Package for Fauji Family Members by Corporate

What is “Fauji Family” Project ?

“Fauji family” is an initiative of Ud Chalo designed exclusively for all the Fauji Family members who are working in non-Defence sectors but are still Faujis by Heart.

What is UdChalo ?

udChalo is a platform that work towards “Making Life Simpler for Our Soldiers” by providing travel solutions, ITR filing, deals on latest branded electronic gadgets, utility bill payments and helping them buy their own home. 

Why is Fauji Family important?

Fauji Family are an integral part of our Defence fraternity who represent our Fauj in the civilian world. Hence we believe that they should also get all our benefits and exclusive offers.

How can you use our services?

If you are a Fauji Family and want to avail all these exclusive services, simply register yourself on udChalo and become an udChalo Fauji Family Member.

What are the benefits of Fauji Family?

With udChalo, you will get the lowest rates on flights, special deals on consumer electronics from popular brands, easy train, bus & cab booking services, Tax Filing, Holidays, Affordable Housing, and much more!

What is Project Utkarsh ?

Utkarsh empowers the Armed Forces’ female dependents with corporate culture and helps them achieve financial freedom while working from home. This program boosts their profile and bridges the gap to build their career.

The UdChalo believes that  their journey of ‘Making Life Simpler for Our Soldiers’ is not complete unless we can create a positive impact on the lives of their family members. Hence, we call all the serving and retired personnel and their immediate family members (parents/child), irrespective of their age, to be part of udChalo Family members and feel connected to the niche community of Faujis. The strength of this community will help udChalo to bring exclusive and better products and services to Fauji Family members.

If you are not an eligible dependent  of Serving/Exservicemen, then also you are eligible to be part of this family. As published in their website, the founder of udChalo also falls into this category and he was requested by many like you to extend this family. With this program, we call everyone who has direct family members serving or served in the armed forces of India to come and join this program and feel the nostalgia of reconnecting with the Fauji Family. You can also invite your family members to join this program through your reference.

In case of inability to verify membership,  not able to verify through service number, please upload any of the defence identification documents like ECHS Card, Canteen Card, Liquor Card, Discharge Book, ESM Card, Dependent Card, etc. If you are still not able to join the program, please email us the details at customercare@udchalo.com and our team will reach out to you.

Reason for rejection
There are a few common reasons for rejections:
  The document uploaded by you is not clear
  The document uploaded is not a valid document.
  The service category (Army, Air Force, Navy, PMF) is not matching with the document provided by you for verification
  The name on the document is not matching with the name on your udChalo account.

If you feel you entered everything correctly and still your profile was rejected, please send the details to customercare@udchalo.com and we will reach out to you.

If you are a serving, retired and valid dependents of the armed forces, please select ‘I am a Fauji’ on the home page and we will show you the best fare including defence fare. Also, defence fares are tagged as ‘DEF’ when the search result is displayed. For other members of the Fauji family, please select ‘I am part of the Fauji family’ and the search will display the best non-defence fares.

Know details in video demonstration here : https://youtu.be/SK_xuCDD5DQ


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