SPARSH Service Centre in your City for Life Certificate: Find it Now

SPARSH Service Centre in your City to Solve Problems : Find it Now

Worried to submit Life Certificate ? Relax ! Need not to be puzzled with such a little issue. Govt has arranged quite effective system to streamline your life certificate submission on SPARSH portal. If you are capable to handle computer or android apps, you may do at yourself or visit the Govt established SPARSH Service centres.

SPARSH is a completely IT Enabled system that administers your Defence Pension with accuracy and timely distribution.  However, all the facilities available in SPARSH Portal are not accessible to those who are unable to login and access the portal on their own.  Due security threats , do not visit any unauthorised est/org like Cyber caffe owners etc for submission of your life certificate.  So, you have only option to avail the SPARSH related services like Submission of Life Certificate etc at your own login using your Smartphone/PC/Laptop, if capable otherwise you may get help and support of your nearest SPARSH Service Centre.

Govt of India, MoD has established several Service Centers throughout the country to assist you in SPARSH related issues.  You might have received a msg from PCDA (P) SPARSH regarding transfer of your pension from the bank.  If so, you need to complete the initial formalities on the SPARSH portal as soon as possible. Your Defence pension has been migrated to the SPARSH  system and pension will now be directly credited to your bank instead of payment by Bank CPPC.   

The role of CPPC has now been discontinued to disburse the defence pension and all kind of administration of pension i.e sanction, disbursement, revision, grievance redressal and miscellaneous issues will now be dealt directly by the SPARSH, PCDA Pension  and other related defence establishments i.e DAV, DIAV, DNV etc. 

SPARSH Pensioner Lost his pension with Cyber Caffe

Some pensioners are still waiting for their SPARSH User ID Password.  Data updating services are not activated in some cases, data mismatch found in thousands and lakhs of profiles.   Some pensioners are still unable to login to the SPARSH Portal in spite of having valid credentials. Such kinds of numerous SPARSH related problems are being faced by the defence pensioners regularly. The authority has considered the sufferings of the veterans.

SPARSH Life Certificate Process : Step by Step Guide

To solve these problems, it is very difficult to  approach PCDA Allahabad or any remote authority. So, the Defence ministry has established 1043 SPARSH Service centers and another 36 SPARSH Service Centers by DAV.  Now, you may find a service center nearby your city. You may call the designated persons and may visit the SPARSH Service center if required.

Address Contact Number of the SPARSH Service Centres are in the link given below.

You may visit official website of SPARSH or click the Link to Find your nearest SPARSH Service Centre :

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