SPARSH Pensioners User ID Password Related Issues Solutions

SPARSH Pensioners User ID Password Related Issues Solutions

PCDA has taken keen initiative to migrate all Defence pensioners from the conventional Bank CPPC/PDA system to the Centralised Ministry of Defence Controlled Integrated Pension Disbursement system named :SPARSH. The system has already included more than 28 lakh Pensioners since its inception.

You might have received your SPARSH User ID / Login ID and Password. Some Defence pensioners have been migrated to SPARSH as per the msg received on their mobile but have not received any user ID and password since long. In this article, immediate actions to be taken by both kinds of pensioners will be discussed in detail.

Type-1 – Pension has been migrated to SPARSH But User ID Password Not received

Such pensioners who have received msg from PCDA pension Prayagraj that their pension has been migrated to SPARSH, will receive their user ID and password within a few weeks. If it has been noticed that after an expiry of 6 weeks, no user ID password has been received, you should check it from the SPARSH portal that your user ID has been generated or not. The process mentioned below will confirm you. In some cases, it may be that you have lost your user ID and password. In such situations, your follow the process below –

Step – 1 – visit and click on services —- then click on Track Migration Status . You need to enter your PPO No (whichever available with you) and click on validate and proceed.

Step-2 – after entering your PPO No and clicking on the validate button, you will be redirected to the next screen wherein you will be shown the details of your pension profile if migrated to SPARSH. You will find your new PPO Number / pension ID. Now note this number

Step – 3 back to the home page of SPARSH and click on the login at the top right corner. In their login ID/ User ID field type your pension ID, just noted and add suffix 01- if service pensioner, 02 if family pensioner , 03 if dependent pensioner.

Then click on the forget password button. You will be asked for your registered mobile number. Thereafter OTP will be sent on this number. After validation with OTP, your new password will be received in your mobile msg box.

If at Step -2 above, no new pension ID is shown then you should wait or contactPCDAover phone or send e-mail ID. Details of contact procedure to PCDA is given below

How to Contact PCDA Allahabad regarding SPARSH & OROP Pension Related query

Type-2 – Pensioner has received SPARSH User ID Password , what to do ?

Once you have received your SPARSH User ID Password, you need to login to the portal and firstly change your password. Thereafter complete the statutory declaration process which is known as PDV. You may watch videos of PCDA to know about the PDV process.

What is Pensioner Data Verification?

Pensioner Data Verification (PDV) aims at enabling the retiree to verify his/her own details before sanction of pension. Applicable only for Service Pensioners.
This activity should be completed within 15 days of notification via SMS/Email sent to your Registered Mobile Number/Email ID.

Life certificate / identification process for SPARSH Pensioners

Life Certificate submission process –

  • Following instructions are being given to pensioners
    For identification by PCDA (P)
  • On jeevan pramaan portal on digital life certificate, pensioner is required to fill in the following
    1.PDA ; SPARSH
    2.PPO No. ; SPARSH PPO No.
    3.Account No.; Bank a/c no. (in which pension was being received)
    Access to SPARSH Portal:-
    Pensioners are given login id and password to access SPARSH portal ( on their registered email id and password. Any individual whose pension has been migrated on SPARSH and have not received login id and password are requested to register complain on following link; .
  • For any correction/updation in PPO, either initiate update request through your login id & password or contact your RO/HO/Service Hq.
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