SPARSH Pensioners Submit Life Certficate Immediately Either Pension may be stopped

Most of the pensioners know that Life certificate usually submitted in November every year. But, those defence pensioners who is regulated by SPARSH pension system of PCDA allahabad should remember that, you need to submit Life certificate one in a year and it is not necessary to be in November.

As per the letter issued by Arty Records, those SPARSH pensioners migrated to SPARSH recently, required to submit their Life Certficate duly linked with the SPARSH PPO Number of directly to the SPARSH portal immediately. Either tjheir pension may be stopped. This is similarly applicable to all Defence pensioners.

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Those defence pensioners who have been miograted to SPARSH recently are requested to complete your PDV using the process guide lines available in the official website of PCDA or visit our website as link below . After completion of PDV you need to submit your life certificate using SPARSH PPO Number. If you can do it at your own it is ok or you may contact your nearest CSC as link given in the letter. Detailed process of submission of Life certificate using SPARSH Portal is here.

The extract of the letter issue byd Arty Records is reproduced below :-

Tele : 0253-2410877/6247 Artillery Records PIN-908802 c/o 56 APO

1545/ESM Cell/ /Pension & NER (Coord)                                   Aug 2023

(All Kendriya Sainik Boards/ All Zila Sainik Boards)

1. Ref the fwg :

  • This office letter No 1545/ESM Ce11/79/Pension & NER (Coord) dt 15 Feb 2023,
  • IHQ of MoD (Army), MP-8 (I of R) letter No 34891/SPARSH/MP-8 (I of R) (ADP) dt 04 Aug 2023.
  • IHQ of MoD (Army), MP-8 (I of R) email dt 18 Aug 2023.

2. It is intimated that large number of pensioners have been migrated on SPARSH and accordingly, communications through various modes (ie SMS, mails, Circulars, Whatsapp msg and other outreach programmes) are being taken to apprise Veterans/ NOKs about Annual Identification/ Life Certificate to be done/ uploaded on SPARSH. However, it has been noticed that a large numbers of pensioners are still not yet uploaded their Life Certificate for drawing Pension through SPARSH, which is a great concern and also a major challenge at all level.

3. As you are aware that approx nine thousand seven hundred and fifty eight pensioners from Regt of Arty have not yet submitted/ uploaded their Life Certificate. In case, the same is not submitted by 30 Aug 2023, remittance of monthly pension to Veterans might get affected. Therefore, all ZSWO are requested to educate/ facilitate pensioners to visit their PDAs for handing over/ uploading of Life Certificate without delay for further submission to PCDA (P), Prayagraj.

4. Annual Identification/ Life Certificate can be done by the fwg methods, thus pensioners may be sensitised on the same for early submission so as to avoid delay in remittance of monthly Pension by PCDA (P), Allahabad

  • Through Digital Jeevan Parmaan online/ Jeevan Pramaan Face App for Android Users. Detls of installation & usage may be found on
  • SPARSH Pensioners. Please choose sanctioning Auth as “Defence- PCDA (P), Allahabad” & Disbursing Auth as “SPARSH- PCDA (P), Allahabad”. Pensioners can complete Annual  Identification/ Life Certification  by logging in and opting for : Download & upload Manual Life Certificate (MLC) duly signed by auth signatory.
  • By selecting Aadhar based Digital Life Certificate (DLC). Pensioners may also visit for completing their Annual Identification/ Life Certificate at nearest Service Centre established at fwg agencies :-

(i) Common Service Centres (CSCs) to find your nearest CSC click on:

  • Nearest DPDO or Defence Accounts Department Service Centre.
  • Service Centres est b  SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank  and Kotak Mahindra Bank. To locate SPARSH service centres avlb at Defence Account Department or Banks click on

5. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier mobile/telephone number of Offrs/JCOs/NCOs posted with office were either disch from service or posted out to new unit. Therefore, any query/ assistance, request direct the pensioners to call on fwg Nos at Arty Records, Nasik Road Camp :-

  • Mob No                      – 9404737011
  • Landline No         –     0253-2410677
  • Army Tele No           – 6271

6. Your co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated please.
CRO for OIC Record

You may download original letter from below :


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