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Hello friends, it is not neccessary to repeat that the pension disbursing system of Defence pensioners including defence civilians are being shifted in phased manner from bank to new system named SPARSH. You might have reccived a message from PCDA Pension Prayagraj, Allahabad that your pension has been migrated from bank to SPARSH as per instruction of PCDA.

Whether you have received any message or not it does not matter. Your pension will not be stopped at all. Still you will receive the pension every month in your bank account. The only changes that occured is the system of pension disbursement will now be directly controlled by the PCDA. No copy of PPO will be forwarded to CPPC of your bank. You should not approach to Bank for any query of your pension except credit the amount in your account like ordinary savings account. All your grievances will be redressed by PCDA.

Now qustion is that, if you have not received any intimation or any message from PCDA regarding migration of your PPO Number from bank to sparsh system, what to do?

It is very simple, firstly, relax and say yourself that nothing happened worng with me and then just open the website of PCDA pension and checck migration status as button appears at the right upper side. If you are shown your SPARSH PPO Number then kindly change/update your mobile number using Adhaar based authentication system. A button of update mobile number appears at the top right corner.

One you updated your contact number, SPARSH will automatically send you the user ID and Password of SPARSH portal to your mobile phone. After getting the user ID and password, you should get done your PDV process as soon as possible. a list of such non performer of PDV is updated in the official website. To know all these details kindly read the following articles available in this website as a guide.



SPARSH Smart Card for Defence Pensioners – Planning by MoD

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