SPARSH Identification – Spl Instr by Govt of India with SOP

Life Certificate has already been submitted by most of the Defence and Civil Pensioners.  However, it has been observed by the concerned pension disbursing authorities that, a large number of Defence pensioners are still waiting and have not submitted their life certificate  to SPARSH.  Approx 30 Lakhs Defence pensioners have already been migrated but all have not submitted their Life Certificate.

Considering the difficulties faced by the pensioners, MoD has also allowed the pensioners to submit their Life Certificate by 31 Jan 2024 in the SPARSH either pension may be stopped. 

Responsibilities allotted to the Defence Pension Authority by Govt of India, DOP&PW is reproduced as under-

This is part of SOP formulated by DOP&PW in this issue.

A Nodal officer may be nominated, not below the rank of Dir/DS/Dy. CGDA for coordination at central level, Sub-Nodal officers to be nominated for each state/UT/Command, not below the rank of Dy.CDA, where the camp is being held for SPARSH pensioners and details of the nodal officers to be uploaded on the portal.

Wide publicity should be given to this campaign by spreading awareness through banners, social media, SMS and Sainik Welfare Boards.

A dedicated person should be equipped with at Android phone for issue of Digital Life Certificate of the pensioners visiting the camp.

Additional facilities like free medical checkup (test more relevant to senior citizens), Aadhar Updation, engagement with NGOs working with senior citizens can also be arranged, if desired, by the Ministry.

Conduct a proper awareness drive regarding the different methods available to Defence Pensioners of submitting LC.

Uniform Nationwide DLC Campaign 2.0 Banner to be displayed at all locations for publicity.

Gear up SPARSH centers for the Campaign and enable Face Authentication technology for DLC in SPARSH.

Advise Zila Sainik Welfare Boards to conduct the Campaign in their area of operation in the select cities.

Advise their registered Pensioners’ Associations to help Defence Pensioners to give DLC.

Organize home visits for those Defence Pensioners who are unable to visit the centers.

Position grievance officers in all the centers and also provide a helpline for the Defence Pensioners who face issues in giving LCs.

Important Msg for SPARSH Migrated Pensioners

Review the DLC position on November 10, 2023 and send reminder SMS to those Defence Pensioners who have not yet given LCs.

Prepare a media plan of the Campaign and send pictures to DoPPW on the mail ID

Short videos of 30 seconds may be taken of pensioners above age of 90 years submitting DLC.

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