SPARSH Defence Pensioners : Points to be noted

have you received your SPARSH user ID and Password or received a msg from PCDA regarding migration of your pension from bank to SPARSH ? then kindly read the article below.

What are the next steps to be taken by you ?

Once you have been migrated in SPARSH, you may  use the user ID and password provided by SPARSH , PCDA Allahabad to access your profile, verify documents and other tasks beside submit your digital life certificate online to complete PDV Process.  You need to go to the website and prove your identity first.

 PPO number allotted to you in SPARSH, is your permanent SPARSH pension payment order to get your pension/family pension without any resistance.

After completion of identification process, your pension/family pension will continue to be credited in the same bank account where  you were getting pension till last month.  You need not to open a new bank account for your pension/Family pension..

*The process is simple.

* Do not get panic. You will get 02 months’ time to submit life certificate//identity

*Don’t  contact any broker for completion of PDV and don’t get too confused.

*SPARSH will not stop your pension for life certificate or any technical error. You will have enough time to correct all your issues.

As far as the current policy of submission of manual/digital life certificate is concerned, SPARSH pensioner should submit life certificate within  01/10/2022 to 30/11/2022.

*Other civil pensioners/family pensioners should submit life certificate from 01/11/2022 to 30/11/20 22.


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