SPARSH : Beneficial for Defence Pensioners

benefit of sparsh

Dear Veteran Friends, you might have received an SMS regarding your pension transferred to SPARSH. Are you worried of this thing? Then this article is for you.  Transfer from Bank to SPARSH means the system of Disbursement has been changed which will facilitated you for your betterment.  So, we need not to think any negative about SPARSH. 

Your Pension Will be Credited in your Existing Bank Account

As per notice published by PCDA  Prayagraj,  pensioner who’s pension is being migrated on SPARSH They are receiving SMS from their Bank mentioning “Your Pension Account is being migrated to SPARSH  PCDA(P) Prayagraj as per PCDA(P) directives.”   All such pensioners are being informed that in the process of migration of Pension to SPARSH ‘No new Bank Account will be opened. Pension will continue in the same Bank Account.

So, no change will be effected on your bank account. Your pension will still be credited in your Existing Bank Account. Then what is the necessity of SPARSH ?

Why SPARSH has launched ?

Through SPARSH, your pension is sanctioned and disbursed to your Bank Account.  You will be capable to watch and access all the movements and activities related to your pension that is conducted at PCDA pension from time to time. 

What action to be done for Ac tvation of SPARSH

After receiving the message on your mobile, you need not to do anything.  Just keep your mobile phone switched on and keep it Live.  Shortly you will receive a notification regarding your SPARSH User ID / Log in ID. After receiving  this message about user ID, you may login to PCDA SPARSH Portal.   On successful login to the SPARSH portal, PDV,  Personal Document Verification  to be done. To know more about PDV process click here.  

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