SPARSH Aadhaar Mismatch Cases Solution Provided by PCDA

SPARSH Aadhaar Mismatch Cases Solution Provided by PCDA

Most of the Defence pensioners have now been migrated to SPARSH. It is very natural that problems also be there and with time everything will be regularised, pension process will be convenient for beneficiaries / Disbursing agencies. Data update is now still at initial stage and most of the pensioners are facing problem with it. In some cases, even after passing a year, still the request for data update is showing “under progress”. It is expected that very soon we will get the proper service with SPARSH pension system with regards to updating our pension/ personal data.

In this article we will discuss about the provision of the rules and regulation/SOP that regulates the name and other data mismatch with your PPO/SPARSH provile and Adhaar Card. In this regard, please refer the following text communicated by the PCDA Allahabad.

Mismatch in Aadhaar and SPARSH is very common and it is cause of wrorriness also. It has been found that in some cases, Aadhaar linking with SPARSH is also not feasible due to mismatch in name and other data with Adhar and PPO/ SPARSH profile. In Such a situation, PCDA Allahanbad has issued a clarification which is reproduced below . You may read the original letter in PDF format as link given at the bottom of this page. Original text communicated by the PCDA on the issue of Adhaar and PPO mismatch is here –

“Data migration is not being done on the basis of Aadhar and mobile number only. Service particulars are taken from sanctioning authority and payment details from paying agencies. Aadhar number, PAN and mobile number are also taken from PDA.

If name of pensioner in data sheet/PPO does not match with that of in service book, the same may be corrected through data correction from RO /HOO or through profile management option from their SPARSH Portal Account or Service Center. If pensioner’s name is correct in data sheet/PPO but does not match with that of Aadhar Card and Aadhar number is already available in data sheet then there is no need to change name in Aadhar Card; pensioner can still submit jeevan pramaan successfully.

Original PDF copy of the letter issued by PCDA Allahabad is here – DOWNLOAD

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