Soldiers at Roads of Delhi to Fight for Rights : Agitation and Protest of 12 march

On 12 March 2023, a huge protest organised by the Veteran Soldiers belongs to Non Officers Category of Indian Armed Forces. Since independence, Indian Armed Forces become stronger with the will force of the Jawans and officers of all the three wings i.e Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. In this era of globalisation, in Indian Armed Forces, still there found a huge discrimination between Jawans and Officers category during their service and even after retirement also, as agitated by the veterans.

As covered and reported by various electronic media, approximately 30 thousand veterans were there to show their agitation and protest against the discriminative policy of the Govt in terms of OROP, Military Service Pay, Other Hard and Risk Allowances, after retirement benefits and the Feudal system during service.

The main body of the organiser, i.e Voice of Exserviceman society played vital role to make the agitation program success with the active participation of thousands of regional Exserviceman Organisation throughout the Country. The basic objective of the agitation as expressed by various ESM organisation including the oirganiser Voice of Exserviceman Society comprises :

  • To inform the Govt about Discriminations in Indian Armed Forces between Commissioned Officers and JCOs/OR.
  • Demand for Equal Military Service Pay for all ranks of Indian Armed Forces.
  • Revision of OROP Table and refixation of Pension of JCOs/OR as per modalities of OROP recommended by the Committee for OROP. Govt should Consider the real motto of OROP and fix the pension at the Maximum in the rank/service nad must not average of low and high.
  • Removal of Discrimination at work place during service between officers and OR. The relation should not be as Master and servant as prevalent in the Indian Army, as expressed by various ESM organisation.
  • No more discrimination between Officers and JCOs/OR in CSD, ECHS, Placement Cell even after retirement.
  • MNS are allowed double rate of MSP in comparison with the JCOS/OR… whereas they are mostly served in peace area / risk free areas.
  • Welfare of Jawans are totally an eye wash and it depends on the will and wish of the commissioned officers.
  • Poor level of after retirement rehabilitation facilities for jawans/JCOS. They are mostly offered the Security guard, Peon etc posts. OIC ECHS post is reserved for Offrs… whereas so many MBA qualified JCOs/OR are there who can manage a polyclinic much better than them. Similarly Secretary Zila Sainik Board post is also reserved for officers only. It has been demanded to mark all this kind posts open for all ranks and recruitment should be on the basis of efficiency and educational qualification not on the basis of last rank hold.
  • Lateral placement for Jawans and JCOs in State and Central Civil services should be ensured.

A memorandum has been prepared and signed by the ESM organisations participated in the agitation program of 12 March and handed over to the Govt authority on next day.

It was the beginning part of the agitation of the Jawans/JCOs, said an organiser of the agitation and they expressed that, if no positive action from the govt seen, more the agitation and protest will be held in every states and Centre in future.

It is expected that Govt should form a Committee immediate to look after the grievances and cause of agitation and make suitable remedies to remove the so called British Feudal system which creates disparity and discriminations at every stages in the Indian Armed Forces during their service and even after retirement.

It is true that, such an agitation/protest of retired soldiers adversely effects on the morale of the jawans in active service. Movement and protest is not permitted in Armed Forces, so, the veterans only can express the real facts. The voice of thousands of jawans and JCOs will make our Armed Forces rational and free from discrimination which will strengthen our Defence Forces with positive energy to keep our nation more safe and secure.

Hope for the best.
Jai Hind, Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan
Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Fight for rights of Exservicemen
Equal MSP demanded by veteran faujis

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