Soldiers are not Domestic Servant of Officers : Mass Protest Against Discriminations Soon

Soldiers are not Domestic Servant of Officers : Mass Protest Soon

Recently I met some veterans who were in a agitation program at their District HQ to submit a memorandum in the protest of wrong implementation of OROP and other discriminative issues with the JCOs and Jawans. I asked them, sir, you got OROP, then why are you protesting ?

59 years old veteran Havildar Sahab replied that, “this is the problem that you people heard about the OROP through media but the main benefit approx 85% of the OROP allotted amount credited to Commissioned Officers who constitute only 3% of strength of Indian Armed forces and remaining 15% given to JCOs/OR who constitutes the 97% strength.  The discrimination is endless and the Jawans are deprived at every steps in their life.”  He narrated a long list of the discrimination between officers and PBOR.

“Since independence, administrative reforms noticed at every sectors in our society and governance.  Quality of life of the common citizens have been improved with economic growth of our country.  It is wondering that in Indian Armed Forces, still the British rule is continued. Still you may find that a soldier is deployed as a domestic servant in the quarter of an Army Officer.  An ornamental name and justification behind this misuse of manpower is also kept ready with them, it is know as “Buddy System”.  Soldiers are not Domestic Servant of Officers.  If they can not survive without servant, then they should approach govt authority to recruit NCE for that purpose, as it exist in Indian Air Force.  Jawans always fight at the front line and living in harsh condition in Army units and deployment but the Officers are drawing 3 times more amount as MSP (Military Service Pay) than the jawans/JCOs.”

He also expressed with anguish that, “Comparison of Pay and allowances of Jawans and officers is a shameful job. An officer after putting 20 years of service is getting pension more than One lakh rupees whereas a Sepoy with 20 years  of service is still getting only Rs  25 thousand.  An officer promoted to the next rank within 3 years of his service and thereafter he gets his 2nd and third promotion after completion 6 yrs and 13 years of service.  Whereas a Sepoy retired in Sepoy rank after putting 17 years of dedicated military service without any promotion.  Regarding Disability pension, for same illness/disability a Sepoy is drawing Rs 5 thousand and an officer is drawing Rs 60,000/- for the same element.”

Another participant of the rally, a young ex IAF Sgt expressed that, at each and every points whether in service or after retirement, we are discriminated and deprived.  We are discriminated and deprived at ECHS, CSD, KSB Welfare Schemes and on reemployment also.  Officers are getting pay fixation benefit as per last pay drawn whereas reemployed JCOs OR are getting their pay fixed at the initial pay of the reemployed post.”   He exclaimed that ,“we approached the DOPT and MoF for uniform pay fixation policy for all ranks but the file is still in red tapism since last 7 years.”

The convener of the protest rally , a JCO sahib requested me to share his request among the ex-servicemen community through my blog which is reproduced below :-

As ex-servicemen from all over the country are aware that since February 20, a continuous protest is going on at Jantar Mantar Delhi for the legitimate demands of the soldiers.

JCOs/jawan organizations across the country should become a tied broom for their legitimate rights. The ex-servicemen organizations are scattered all over the country. Today is the call of the hour that the organizations of the soldiers have got a chance. The generations to come will be filled with pride remembering your struggle to write your name in the golden letters of history. Come under one umbrella and move forward with clenched fists for your legitimate rights.

On April 09, organizations across the country are invited to send only one representative/member from their respective organizations at 10:00 a.m. Venue:- ND Tiwari Bhawan 219, Second Floor, Pt.Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg New Delhi- Must send in 02 meetings.

An All India JCO / Jawan Front will be formed by connecting organizations across the country. A very important committee will be formed in this front which will take future decisions. The committee will have all the powers. The decision of the committee will be universal.

No importance or order of an organization or individual will be valid Rather, a Joint Action Committee made up of members of all institutions will be formed and all further important decisions will be taken by this committee. Just like in India, Parliament or Cabinet approval is required before taking decisions on law or important work. If the Parliament or the Cabinet rejects the approval, then laws/decisions cannot be made or taken. The President cannot give personal laws/decisions or orders, but the President can accept the decisions of the Parliament or the Cabinet. Similarly, all the institutions A committee will be formed from the members oThe committee will have all the powers and future decisions will be taken by this committee. In true sense, this committee will be the head/chairman in itself.

He provided the contact numbers of the spokes  person  and  others who are  in Delhi and in other states and leading the movement as mentioned below :

For more details contact JWO Nalin Talwar,National Spokesperson, Sabka Sainik Sangharsh Committee Mob:- +91 99105 54887

Air Veterans Mohan Rangan

Mob:-+91 99621 00315

Kapil Fauji Silani
Sabka Sainik Sangharsh Committee
Whatsapp no:-7015530277

NB : Content of this article is view of the ESM Association and author is not responsible for any controversy in this matter.


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