Separate OROP for JCOs OR : Demand raised by ESM Movement of PBOR

Separate OROP for JCOs OR : Demand Raised by ESM Movement of PBOR

After a long judicial battle, the Veterans of Indian Armed Forces won the OROP-2 war and  finally Pension is being revised as per OROP-2 Table and calculation of arrears started.  But it has been found by the JCOs/OR that there is a planned game of suppression of facts and as a result the major part of the Armed Forces i.e JCOs OR are deprived of the benefit of the OROP in real meaning.

Pension of the Retired Officers has been increased with a notable amount which is more than 4 times of Salary of a NCO/JCO.   Such discrepancy  made the retired JCOs/OR aggrieved and they have planned to fight their own battle to bring parity in the post retirement benefits.  Such an expression witnessed in the agitation held at Jantar Mantar by the JCOs/OR against improper implementation of OROP-2 recently. 

It was a new and exciting experience to see the JCOs & ORs confidently gathered at Jantar Mantar to organise, lead and putting up their demands before the men and media without Commissioned officers who led them for decades. There is huge turn in the wheel of time. Learning has no limits, a crowd of about 50 thousand soldiers and Veer Naries right from Assam, Chennai, Gujarat, J & K took part in the protest organised  peacefully by veteran JCOs OR of Armed Forces supported by all and sundry. Its high time to take action properly to resolve the issue.

 Most of the speakers suggestd to remove all commissioned Officers from ESM organizations spread across the country who  are only 3 percent in any gathering or association but holding important posts with out conducting of proper election.

Most of the speakers were annoyed over the issue of pension table of MoD in which their pension stands decreased and lion’s share has been given to the Major to Lt.Gen ranks  to whom OROP scheme isn’t entitled to.

Speakers said that Officers are spreading rumors that they weren’t responsible for the ongoing  JCOs & ORs, which is wrong and misleading us as MoD, Civilians, IAS etc don’t know about rank structure, working of defence forces and retirees including their pay and pension. Data’s input is always taken from of Chairman of Pay Commission Cell, IHQ MoD led by a Major General rank. It was alleged that Senior retired officers have link there resulting in favourable action for them only.

Gathering pledged the burning issues :-

 (a) To make a National front of JCOs &ORs without any Officer

(b) To remove all officers from ESM organizations comprises of JCOS mainly.

(c) JCOs ORs should have representation in committees formulating any policy eg. Pay and pension, ECHS, CSD, Resettlement and many more.

(d) Benefit of OROP (increase in pension) should be rational. As of now, commissioned officers got a huge increase but other ranks are mostly nil or a very little amount.

A great move and well begun is half done has been proved that day.

We must Congratulate the initiators who organized such an agitation  and to all participants.

 An Independent Group of people can move independently which must results to  the great achievement.  Hope for the best.


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