sbi bnk guard recruitment 2022

SBI Direct Recruitment 2023 for Ex-Servicemen in Bank Guard Post

State Bank of India has published notification for recruitment of Bank Guard in permanent vacancies for various branches. Only Ex-serviceman candidates can apply for all these posts.

Basic eligibility for Bank Guard (permanent post) for Ex-servicemen

Ex-servicemen who have retired from the Defence services i.e. Army, Navy or Air Force, after completing full colour service, i e. minimum 15 years and have not taken premature retirement on medical/ disciplinary grounds, or have not been medically boarded out are only eligible.

As clarified by the SBI “the candidates from ‘Fighting Arms’ as well as ‘Services’, from Army, Navy or Air Force, will now be eligible for applying for the post of Bank Guard.”

Rank of the Ex-servicemen – Ex-servicemen belongs to NCO/ Other ranks only can apply. Hav, NK, LNK & Sepoy of Indian Army and all equivalent ranks of Indian Navy and Air Force are eligible to apply for the post. JCOs/Officers are not eligible. ESM of Hony Nb Sub rank is also not eligible.

Age of the Ex-Servicemen – For recruitment in the Bank Guard Post, age should not be more than 45 years as on 1st October 2021.

Civil Educational Qualification of the Ex-Servicemen : APass in eighth standard (8th) or its equivalent, but the candidate should not have passed Graduation Examination &its equivalent. So Graduate Ex-servicemen are not eligible.

Character of the Ex-Servicemen : The character should preferably be “EXEMPLARY”, however, minimum requirement is ‘GOOD’.

Medical Category of the Ex-Servicemen : “AYE” or “SHAPE- 1” at the time of release from the Armed Forces, and entered in the discharge book.

How to Apply for the post of bank Guard in SBI for Exservicemen

SBI has placed requisition for manpower to the Raya Sainik Board, Wet Bengal for recruitment of Bank Guard in various districts of West Bengal. Only Registered candidates of concerned Zila Sainik Board are eligible to participate in the recruitment process. SBI has requested the RSB to forward the names of at least 5880 Ex-servicemen (against 294 vacancies x 20 times) of younger age profile i.e, who meet the eligibility criteria as mentioned above, so as to enable the SBI to select the most suitable candidates for the purpose.

Willing and eligible Ex-Servicemen may contact their concerned District Soldier Board for further information and forward names to Rajya Sainik Boards.

For vacancy details and other information, you may Read the original notification by SBI addressed to Rajya Sainik Board, West Bengal.


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