Sainik Board Considered Special Relaxation on Technical Grounds

Kendriya Sainik Board is responsible for lookafter the welfare of Exservicemen veterans and Family Pensioners. The Serving soldiers and members of Indian Armed Forces, after release may get benefit from various schemes launched by Kendriya Sainik Board through the Zila Sainik Board and Rajya Sainik Board.

Various welfare schemes are now registred and application is accepted by the KSB through online portal. However, the portal is now out of order due to technical issues. As a result, application process has been interrupted. To regularise the issue, KSB has decided to accept the application even after expiry of cut off date now. Detailed Notice in this regard issued by KSB is reproduced below :-

Government of India
Ministry of Defence 
(Kendriya Sainik Board)


  1. The KSB web portal is inaccessible since 10 May 2024 due to technical reasons and the technical team is working on the resolution of the issues.
  2. It is intimated that owing to inaccessibility of the KSB web portal, the requisite cut­off dates shall be extended and system rejected application (post 10 May 2024) shall be restored.
  3. It is also requested to all the concerned Users to keep the files and document in updated state at your end to be uploaded on web portal as and when the web portal is live.

4 Any further updates shall be shared subsequently.

5. For your info and necessary action.

Lt Col
JD, Automation

  • Rajya Sainik Boards
  • Zila Sainik Boards
  • KSB Users
  • For Internal distribution

File No : 702/Automation/KSB/2023          Dated: 17 May 2024

Commutation Deduction not more than 10 Years 8 Months : Ordered by High Court Applicable to all pensioners

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