Revised Pay Fixation Order 2019 for Reemployed Exservicemen – Updates

revised pay fixation order 2019

Reemployed Ex-servicemen are eagerly waiting for revised pay fixation order since the draft order prepared by DOPT and circulated to all stake holders including AIREXSA in 2017. Fixation of pay of ESM on joining civil employment in central/state/psu organisations is a matter of consideration and the nodal agency i.e DOP&T ihas taken keen initiative in this matter. The case of Revision of years old (1986) discriminatory policy of Pay Fixation for Reemployed Ex-servicemen/ Pensioners  is under process.

The CCS Fixation of pay of reemployed ex-servicemen 1986 was formulated without considering the benefit to PBOR which in turn deprived them who were never allowed to participate in any decision making process of the Govt.  However, you might have noticed that the Trade Union/ Service Associations of various civil departments including defence civilians  allowed to participate in all the decision making process of the Govt.  

Due to this limitation of the Combatant PBOR class, the pay fixation methodology  has been proved to be discriminatory as it allowed different methodology of pay fixation of retired officers and other ranks which creates disparity. In banks and some other organization, the pay fixation benefit as per last pay drawn/ advance increment equal to number of years served in Army /Navy/AF has been allowed on the basis of the Existing pay Fixation Order of 1986.

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The discrimination was pointed out by the reemployed Ex-servicemen Associations and individual grievances which enables the burocrats of the nodal agency of Govt of India in this matter to make out the actual practice.  Finally  the proposal of the PBOR Exservicemen to revise the discriminatory Order and introduce uniform methodology for all Ranks of Indian Armed Forces to Fix their pay on reemployment was accepted by the DOP&T with some modification and further approached the Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expdr for Financial Approval. 

The draft policy has been formulated by DOP&T after consultation of all stake holders in 2017 and the approval is pending  since then. Even after a laps of 5 long years the revised order is still waiting for approval of appropriate authority.

In this regard it is pertinent to mention here that DoP&T had forwarded the draft CCS (Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Pensioners) Orders, 2019 to Dept of Expenditure way back in the year 2020 for necessary approval. However, after seeking various inputs from various authority and studying DoP&T’s proposal in detail, the file was returned to DoP&T several times and finally approval by the Dept of Expenditure is still delayed due to difficulties in interpretation. It is indeed sad and shocking to learn that the matter, which was already studied in detail on the previous occasion, is still “in dark”. However the file has been re-submitted by DOP&T recently and it is expected that a positive outcome will be reflected soon.

Recently,  after a meeting of DOP&T and All India Re-Employed Ex-Servicemen Association (AIREXSA), the file movement has been accelerated and finally the draft OM alongwith with proposal to revise the Pay Fixation Order resubmitted to the Dept of Expenditure, Ministry of Defence. After a along waiting of approx 4 months still the file is pending with MoF, DoE and expected to be finalised by the end of this year.

It is very much clear that the matter of pay fixation of ex-servicemen is not new to Min of Finance and therefore, the members of AIREXSA expressed their deep sense of anguish over the delay in granting approval of  the proposed Orders. The re-employed ex-servicemen serving the Govt of India in various organizations feel deprived of natural justice in the matter of pay fixation.

As the matter is now waiting for Final approval of Ministry of Finance, under active  approach by DOP&T, it may be expected that the new Orders of Pay Fixation of Reemployed Pensioners will be released soon after Financial approval of Ministry of Finance, Dept of Expenditure.

File containing proposal for revised pay fixation order which was forwarded to Dept of Expdr, Min of Finance requesting financial approval has been returned by them.

Contribution of AIREXSA in welfare of Exservicemen

AIREXSA plays vital role and approached the Govt authority to revise the discriminatory Pay Fixation policy of 1986.  So, on behalf of team AIREXSA, it is humbly requested to join the AIREXSA as a member and support them in the Fight for legitimate Rights of Reemployed Exservicemen.  You may contact them as contact details available in the official website of AIREXSA

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