Restructuring of SPARSH Service Centers for Effective Help and Support to Pensioners

SPARSH is now fully operational and managing pension of 33 Lakh Defence Pensioners. All future retirees will also be included as a regular process. To extend help and support to the Veterans and family pensioners, dedicated Pension Coordination Cell have been estalished under the Administrative Wing of Defence Pension authority to supervise the functional control of SSCs under them. Regular reporting mechanism, periodic inspection may be evolved to effectively monitor the activities of the SSCs as decided by the Defence Pension Authority. SPARSH Servuice centres are now designed. A detailed circular in this regard is reproduced here.

Controller General of Defence Accounts 
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt- 110010
Phone: 011-25665703 Fax: 011-25674806, 25674821                               

No. AN/III/3019/SPARSH                                                                                         Dated 20/05/2024


(Through CGDA Website)

Sub:-   Restructuring of SPARSH Service Centers (SSCs) functioning at DPDOs- Change in Administrative and Functional Control.


Superseding the HQrs previous letters No. PENS-570203/3/2023/PCDA/CDA dated 11.01.2024, PENS-570203/3/2023/RTC dated 11.01.2024 and PENS-570203/4/2023 dated 31.01.2024, it is intimated that with the migration of pensioners borne on the strength of Defence Pension Disbursement Offices (DPDOs) to SPARSH module, the role of DPDOs is now restricted to SPARSH Service Centers (SSCs) for providing various services to pensioners and to address their grievances.

2.     After due review, the undersigned is directed to convey the approval of the Competent Authority regarding restructuring of the administrative and functional control of 64 SPARSH Service Centers functioning at various DPDOs under CDA(PD) Meerut (51 Nos.) and CDA Chennai (13 Nos.) along with the following directions-

  1. The Defence Pension Disbursement Offices (DPDOs) are henceforth re-designated as SPARSH Service Centers (SSCs).
  2. The administrative and functional control of each SSC are transferred under the jurisdiction of the nearest Pr. Controller/ Controller as appended in Annexure ‘A’ (available on CGDA WAN). PCsDA/CsDA will open a dedicated Pension Coordination Cell under its Administrative Wing to supervise the functional control of SSCs under them. Regular reporting mechanism, periodic inspection may be evolved to effectively monitor the activities of the SSCs.
  3. The physical and soft record held with the DPDOs will continue to be maintained under the respective SSCs and not to be transferred to any other office till further orders.
  4. The authorized strength of manpower at each SSCs is to be one SAO/AAO with a maximum of two Auditors /Sr. Auditors.
  5. Payment of pension in respect of 11,085 pensioners who are still being paid by DPDOs and not yet migrated to SPARSH, will be centrally entrusted to `Aashraya Team’ at CENTRAD, Delhi.
  6. The new arrangement is to be made operational by 1′ June, 2024.
    vii.    In this regard, necessary Part-I Office Order will be published by respective PCsDA/CsDA and a copy of the same shall be endorsed/forwarded to AN-III and AT-V Pension wing ( of this HQrs office.

3.    This restructuring is expected to streamline operations and enhance the service delivery. Compliance with the above directives is essential for the effective implementation of these changes.

Encl: As above (Annexure A)

(Sushil Riyar)


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