Reemployment of Exservicemen to be Monitored diretly by PCDA

Armed Forces personnel are generally retired in very young age and they need to be reemployed to earn the livelyhood. Considering this aspect, Govt has introduced many reemployment schemes for the Exserviemen. With introduction of new pension disbursement system named SPARSH, reporting procedure of reemployment status has also been modified. As you are aware of the facts required to be disclosed before your pension paying bank branch every year at the time of submission of life certificate, one of the most important part is your reemployment status. Since the system of pension disbursement has now been changed in phased manner, you should now give updates of your reemployment status every year to the PCDA, pension Allahabad.

PCDA has issued instructions on 25th Aug 2022 regarding Reporting of Employment / Re-employment and Marriage / Re-marriage in SPARSH System regarding. They have intimated that the provision for reporting of Employment / Re-employment and Marriage / Remarriage has been made in SPARSH system. Reporting of events for Employment / Re-employment and Marriage / Re-marriage can be done through Pensioner’s Portal Account and SPARSH Service Centres by Pensioners. Similarly, Service
Initiator of Record Offices / HOOs / OROs can report Employment / Reemployment in respect of any pensioner through Tasks >> Service Request Management >> User Type – Registered. This required to be maintained by Record office.

The detailed letter may be followed here.

Consequences : Since the matter is being watched directly by the PCDA, efects of the reemployment may be directly implemented on the DA/DR portion of the Pension. However it has been regulated by the DOP&PW that admissibility of DR on pension to the reemployed personnel will be regulated based on pay fixation procedure adopted. In case of pay protection, DR on pension may be ceased. However the clear picture in this regard yet to be framed by the regulating authority in consultation with the stakeholders.

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