Rectify Date of birth of wife or Child in PPO/Discharge book : Detailed Process

 How Get mentioned  Date of Birth of child or Wife in PPO/Discharge Book

In case neither age nor Date of Birth of spouse is mentioned in the Service Record / PPO, the following documents are required:-

(a) Personal application by  Veteran / pensioner for endorsement of date of birth.

(b) Ink signed copy of self attested copy of birth certificate issued from Registrar of Births and Deaths OR any one document mentioned at Appendix E, duly self-attested. The date of birth should be annotated in DDMMYYYY or DDMMYY format.

How to get rectified  or Corrected  Date of Birth of  wife or  Child.

In case of change/correction of date of birth of spouse and children, Air Veteran / pensioner is to submit a notarised Affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper (specimen affidavits are placed at Appendix C-1 to C-3 as applicable) regarding the correct date of birth along with the following documents:-

(a) Personal application by Air Veteran / pensioner for correction / amendment of date of birth.

(b) In case, where both change of name and date of birth of dependents is involved, Affidavit from First Class Magistrate on nonjudicial stamp paper is mandatory.

(c) Self attested copy of Date of Birth proof like Birth Certificate / Matriculation Certificate / Aadhaar Card / PAN Card / Passport / ECHS Card / Voter ID. Date of Birth proof should contain full date of birth in the sequence as Date / Month / Year. In case expanded date of birth is not mentioned in Aadhaar Card or Voter ID, Air Veteran may get the same endorsed before forwarding the case of DAV.

(d) It shall be ensured that name of spouse / child in date of birth proof matches with service records / PPO. In case of any mismatch, Air Veteran / Family Pensioner is to either alter the same in Aadhaar / PAN Card or apply for change of name of Spouse / Child as per para 11(b) ante.

(e) All documents forwarded by Air Veteran / pensioner should be self attested. The birth certificate / matriculation certificate should include the name of father and mother.

To get the proforma of requisite forms you read the original guidelines available at official portal of Air Veterans. Link is here :


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