Protest of Fauji Jawans Against Anomalies Got Success

In this article, we will discuss about the injustice happening with the soldiers and the demonstrations happening across the country against it. Today I want to share with you some such reality regarding the anomalies happening with the soldiers. You would not have even imagined what the result of the sit-in demonstration of ESM and war widows, Veer Naris is coming out today. The people of the country are watching the pictures that are coming out in front of you everywhere, which cannot be captured in the camera and shown.

Perhaps you would not have even thought that Veterans jawans JCOs came out of their homes to support similar demonstrations and protests, which have no answer. Retired soldiers and their families, war widows came out on the streets to get their rights. What an irony it is that those who sacrificed their lives for their country had to come on the streets to get justice, they have to come on the streets in this age to demand justice for the anomalies happening to them.

Seeing the fight for the rights of former soldiers, Rajasthan’s Zee News did not stop themselves and it also gave coverage where our ESM Federation and all other associations brought this fight in front of the country. Federation President Arjun Singh Rathore, who submitted his memorandum to the authority. After all, till when the government will remain silent, will the national media keep this news hidden?

Yesterday a military vehicle touched a civil vehicle, it had become breaking news but War Widow pensioners are not getting their rights, had to walk on the road – this is not news. But soldiers never lose, see this is becoming a breaking news in itself – the government will be forced to bring attention to the Jawan, JCO, Widow, the way in which they are demanding justice from the government for discrepancies with discipline in a restrained manner – It has become breaking news in itself – it has completed 100 days.

The manner in which the protest is going on, it shows in itself that the ex-serviceman has not yet forgotten that spirit, with the courage with which he has defended his country, now he is fighting for his rights in the same way today. Will make every way out of it, will tell his every power that comes or does not come in his profession, there is no such thing that he cannot do. In emergency, he can build a bridge over any river in hours and overnight, he does not need the support of anyone, any political party.

Soldiers never retire. He proved that the soldier is not dependent on anyone. Till the completion of 100 days of dharna which is going on in Jantar Mantar and across the country, they did not even allow anyone to enter their dharna. He never sought support from any political party. Ex-servicemen are disciplined, they showed this in every rally – people joined in such a large number, but it was completed with such discipline that it became an example in front of the country.

Perhaps you have never seen such an organized rally even in the rallies of any celebrity or any prime minister candidate. I don’t have any words to describe it. Senior citizens in the age group of 80-90 years, brave women have all left the house and those who are still defecating at home, we request them to contribute in the fight for their rights.

We all have only one issue, our main aim is to fight for the injustice done to the ex-servicemen and to demand justice.

Here no one is our own, no stranger, no stranger, the only aim is to raise voice against the injustice being done to the ex-servicemen.

Those former soldiers, Veer Narees who have raised their voice on behalf of all of us in the fight for the rights of the road even with so much difficulty, I wish them all the best and pray to God to give them long life, and Give them success in their cause. People from all over the country, some from Himachal, some from UP, some from Punjab, some from Uttarakhand, some from Tamil Nadu, some from Jharkhand, some from Bihar, some from Madhya Pradesh and other regions and states are protesting at Jantar Mantar regarding OROP MSP anomalies.

We hope that very soon the government will listen to our voice and remove the discord with the soldiers and ex-servicemen from all over the country regarding pension, MSP, promotion etc and other matters.


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