Project Sambandh – welfare of Indian Army Soldiers NOK

Sacrifice of Indian Soldiers for the nation is always honoured by the common citizens, Govt organisation and Corporate houses. The Infosys Foundation has donated Rs 30 Crores to the Indian Army for the benefit of the education of widows and children of Physical Casualties. 

The grants from the Indian Army for education  range from Rs 10,000 to 50,000. Considering the average grant per child for a year is Rs 20000 a total number of children who can benefit from this single grant is 15,000/-.

Like Infosys the Indian Army has many more donors and there is adequate financial support available through donors. Unfortunately only about 30% of those who are eligible claim these grants. This is because of lack of awareness as well as lack of connection with the NOK of the physical casualties. 

Project Sambandh aims to establish this connection and the simple modus operandi developed can ensure that every eligible child claims the grant. Please reach out to the NOK of the physical Casualties of your course, unit, regiment and Project Sambandh will help you establish the connection. 

Let’s together help assist the children of the physical casualties. 

Project Sambandh
Connecting the forgotten

One man
philanthropic project
to connect with the Next of Kin (NOK)
of the Indian Army Physical Casualties
(personnel who die while in service due to non operational reasons)

Colonel Vembu Shankar, Shaurya Chakra
Indian Army Veteran

This information has been collected from official website of the Army Officer details mentioned below :- 

Colonel Vembu Shankar, SC
Project Sambandh
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